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Vitamin Shower – Easy DIY Shower Filter System

Posted by editor On June - 16 - 2013

All moms would agree that the most relaxing and comforting time is actually in the shower. It’s what IKEA ad campaign refers to as “ME-ing” and I simply call it : ME time.

Sadly, no matter how enjoyable it is most of us would not stay too long in a hot water shower or bath, because it can cause dryness to skin. I used to feel the itch after a hot shower and skin dryness follow there after, this is especially true during winter time. However I definitely notice a difference between having a shower filter install versus not. Last time I installed a simple chlorine filter attached to my shower head and notice my skin, especially in the face, is smoother and of course my hair is not as coarse.

I’m not very picky about which shower filter to install so a simple chlorine filter work just fine. The installation however is quite bothersome because the connection between the shower head and the filter doesn’t work too well resulting in water splash in between it even though I already did the rubber like plumbing tape around the joint. So this time around when I have to buy a new filter I decided to do a little research on best DYI shower filter and have to be easy install.

I discover this shower filter called the vitamin shower, quite doubtful at first because how do you suppose the filter will work just by having the water go through a dose of vitamin C powder? After a further read I discovered that Vitamin C does not hold chlorine, it neutralizes chlorine from an element into a harmless compound, so in other words it is a water de-chlorination agent. I thought this is great because we all accustom to consuming vitamin C so it should not do further harm to us if we are just merely splashing it to our body.

So I tried using this new vitamin shower filter, simply love it. Not only it doesn’t dry my skin but it is also easy to install and no more water leek from between the shower and the pipe. Here’s a peek to my vitamin shower:

You can see the vitamin C powder inside this translucent shower head pipe, generally it’s time to change when there’s no longer powder but just water in that orange pipe. Pretty convenient and easy to install, that’s the best thing I like about this filter.


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