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What’s the best medication for lip cracks or dry lips? Many perhaps, but I’ll say Vitamin E will do it just as fast. You do not to take and swallow the E but to apply it on the lips directly just like you would with lip-gloss. First, dab a needle through the vitamin E (soft-gel version like the picture shown above), after you make the hole start pressing that gel and apply it thoroughly onto lips.

What’s good about this is it’s not only gonna heal your lips and make them healthy but it can make your lips look plumpier, healtier, n sexier. HOW? well vitamin E will give you that extraordinary shine and gloss at the same time it’s not as sticky as lip-gloss or clear-gloss or some lip balm, so…. it makes a more desirable “lip-kisser” thing.

Another plus, this is just keep getting better, it won’t harm you at all you can re-apply as many times as you please, and yes… go sip your drinks and eat those meals, you will enjoy your drinks and meals altogether while swallowing good amounts of antioxidant into your body. Isn’t it good to know that there’s a lip gloss that keep you healthy?

I once heard an advice to smear lips with honey to make it healty, shinny, redder, and it might be true but most honey packed in supermarket has sugar in it, so when I tried to heal my lip during my bed time, that won’t do good for my teeth. Since then I switch into my own experiment: use Vitamin E, and it actually works! To my suprise it works even faster, better than honey and with no teeth problem to be worry.

Hope this will work for you, too.


4 Responses to “Vitamin E as best lip balm, lip gloss even lip healer (on crack lips and its surrounding areas]”

  1. katie says:

    I tried all the organic lip balms and then decided to shell out an extra 50 cents to try the Made from Earth lip balms – first I tried the citrus one. It has a cool, refreshing kick that cools your lips and moisturizes. I will never go back or even bother tying any other kinds of lip balm now. This is indeed the best!

  2. Tia says:

    I’m on my second day of using the vitamin E for my dry chapped lips and they’re nearly completely healed!! I can’t believe that within not even two days my lips went from being dry and cracked to smooth and silky!!! Vitamin E works wonders!! They should call it the miracle lip balm!:D

  3. fefe says:

    If you mix together olive oil, honey, sugar, and vitamin E oil it makes an AWESOME lip balm-type thing. Google it for the exact measurements, but it’s so awesome, the only drawback is the sugary stuff so I only use it throughout the daytime. But it tastes really good, and moisturizes very well! And you can add flavors like mint, chocolate, lemon, lavender, etc…

  4. Rod says:

    What if the lip is inflamed on the surface as well, will it cure that too? The reason I ask this is because this type of vitamin E is expensive where I live, so can’t waste money w/o being sure first.

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