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Top 8 most bizzare plants around the globe

Posted by editor On October - 2 - 2008

1. Rafflesia arnolidii (largest individual flower on earth)


These two photos of rafflesia arnoldii were taken in the Palupu Reserve near Bukittinggi, Indonesia.


Rafflesia is a parasite plant that grows only in undisturbed rainforests. It doesn’t have roots, stems or leaves, interesting right? Even more intriguing this plant can grow up to three feet in diameter even more, and its center hole can hold up to six quarts of water. Bad news is that it is very smelly. Rafflesia is also consider to be an endangered plant species.

Another picture of genus Rafflesia

2. Hydnora Africana

A parasitic plant that grows in Southern Africa’s dessert. The plant grow undergrown except for its flower. It eats on beetles by way of emitting an odor to attract them and trap them on its flower.


Hydnora africana at Cornel's Kop

2001348574948645778 rs

3. Dranculus vulgaris (also known as Stink Lily)

Native to Balkans, Greece, Crete, and Aegean Island. This plan is known as Stink Lily beause it has such a bad smell reminiscent of a carcass. The Plant traps flies for a night and releases them the next day with a load of pollen.

300px-Dracunculus vulgaris LC0044

Dracunculus Vulgaris (2)

dracunculus vulgaris 1

4. Amorphophallus (other names: misshapen penis, shapelss male genetalia)

word derive from Ancient Greek
amorphos = without form / misshapen & Phallos = penis
The plant can be find in tropical areas and subtropical areas. (West Africa to Pacific Islands)
Amorphophallus titanum with 3 flowers - Botanischer Garten Bonn

Amorphophallus Wilhelma

amorphophallus titanum a titanum

5. Wollemia nobilis

This tree can grow up to 80 – 100 feet tall. It has a bark that resemble that cocoa puffs cereal. This tree grows in New South Wales area, North West of Sydney.

250px-Wollemia nobilis 450px-WollemiaNobilisPineKiefer

The bark of Wollemia

6. Welwitschia Mirabillis

This plants said to be able to live for up to 1000 years. here’s more:

consists of only two leaves and a stem with roots. Its two leaves continue to grow until they resemble an alien life form. The stem gets thicker rather than higher, although this plant can grow to be almost six feet high and twenty-four feet wide. Its estimated lifespan is 400 to 1500 years. Mirabilis grows in Namibia, and is thought to be a relic of the Jurassic period.


Welwitschia mirabilis

Welwitschia mirabilis (female)
Detail view of the plant

7. Drakaea Glyptodon (Hammer Orchid)

Native to Australia, an endangered species of orchid. Their method of pollination is only possible through the Thynnid wasp (male) – in other word: pollination by sexual deception. Their structure, color and smell resemble that of female wasp’s to attract the male.


398px-Orchid hammer (Western Australia)

8. Wolffia Angusta (Smalles Flower of the Earth)

It’s a very tiny plant, floats on the water and look somewhat like those japanese fish eggs, except smaller in size.


300 194465

tiny plant


Thanks to divinecaroline.com for the source.
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  1. PAmela says:

    You should include in this list the plant known as “Puya de Raimondi” from the highlands of northen Peru.It measures 11meters tall

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