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I am an oenophile, and enjoy drinking red wines and of course, always enjoy shopping and tasting new wines.

I won’t say that I have a very sophisticated palate in tasting red wine, but I generally find that award-winning wines that have competed in blind tasting competitions would give me some indicator to the quality of the wine.

I found this trick or hack for you to list the Gold Medal wines in BevMo (bookmark this link) and you will be able to sort the wines:

Visit Bevmo here .

  • Gold medal wines
  • Sort the price from Low to High
  • And… now you can get the wine for the best value (so to speak).

FYI, here in San Francisco Bay Area, I have a few wine stores that I enjoy shopping at:

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have other findings to share with other oenophiles!

Disclosure: I love new world wines (Napa Valley) better than old world wines.


2 Responses to “Tip: Hacking Bevmo.com to buy award-winning wines on the cheap”

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    Have you ever at any time experienced a really memorable glass
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  2. Italy says:

    Which was the two intriguing at the same time as insightful!
    Thanks for sharing your views with us.

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