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The 2010 Honda Insight: A Toyota Prius copycat?

Posted by Smurfette On March - 23 - 2009

I have a 2007 Toyota Prius and I love it! Not only do I get 46 mpg on average, but I also get to drive it on the carpool lane, by myself!

I also pay attention to the competition between Honda and Toyota. Remember how Honda used to call the Toyota Prius shaped like a “Cheese Wedge”? See this Honda commercial from September 2007:

“The Honda Civic Hybrid: All the gas mileage, all the style, none of the hype.”

Fast forward a year and a half. Honda announces the new 2010 Honda Insight, and it looks very similar to a … Toyota Prius. Looks like the “Cheese Wedge” shape is not so bad after all!

A 2009 Toyota Prius vs a 2010 Honda Insight

Left: 2009 Toyota Prius. Right: 2010 Honda Insight. Image from Edmunds.com

A 2010 Toyota Prius vs a 2010 Honda Insight

Top: 2010 Toyota Prius. Bottom: 2010 Honda Insight. Image from Cars.com
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