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Dare to try something different? something out of the ordinary? try to stay in a yurt (Treebones resort’s definition: Yurts are tent-like circular fabric structures with wood lattice frames) You’ll get the close-to-nature experience especially when you find one that sits in such a beautiful place between San Simeon and Big Sur – The Treebones Resort) check out these pictures from the resort:

Yurt from the outside

Inside of a Yurt

Resort’s heated pool

Sky and ocean view in the nearby area

Treebones Resort is one of few resorts that get featured on concierge.com editor’s pick. This is what concierge.com has to say:

The 16 yurts have been constructed with an eye toward sustainability: They’re temporary structures, with wooden floors and canvas walls stretched across lattice frameworks. Each has a comfortable bed gussied up with a patchwork quilt, a couple of chairs, heat, sinks, and electricity. There are no private baths—instead you wander down a path to a sparklingly clean bathhouse—and meals are prepared in a simple lodge building (dinners are generally barbecued, and you make your own waffles at breakfast). The place appeals largely to do-it-yourself travelers who pack their own beach towels, who prefer hiking and kayaking to golf and tennis, and who come for unadulterated contact with the landscape. After all, Los Padres National Forest sits behind the property, and the ocean stretches out in front. The one nod to luxury here is the heated pool and hot tub, a welcome relief after a long day of communing with nature.

view outside the yurt

Another view outside the yurt

This is a cute human-size bird nest like structure (you may spend the afternoon meditate or just enjoy the structure) or for those brave enough you may bring a sleeping bag and book this nest for a night stay =)

another picture of the nest (entrance)

Treebones Resort



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