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P-Mate: Allowing women to pee freely just like a man

Posted by editor On March - 27 - 2009

Women, you don’t have to be afraid of not having real toilet when p-mate is available you can pee anywhere just like men. This is extremely useful during camping, long hiking, or any other situation where you can’t seem to find restroom but you just desperately need to go.
P-mate is clean and hygienic urinating device that allow women to pee freely just like a man, standing up. Now women do not have to squat in privacy to pee – just wear P-mate and pee anywhere!

here’s a product description:

  • Made from recycled materials
  • Made of finely waxed cardboard
  • Quick, clean and leak-proof
  • Fits discreetly in pocket or purse
  • Shaped to the female body form
  • Urethra empties urine from the bladder into the cupped area.
  • And here’s how to use it:

  • Simply pop open the P-Mate and move your panties aside and place the cupped area under the flow area between your legs.
  • Have the funnel facing slightly downwards.
  • Relax and pee.
  • Dispose of in the garbage.
  • source.


    Vitamin Intake – The Importance of Calcium for Women.

    Posted by editor On March - 9 - 2009

    How useful is Multi Vitamins / Supplements ?

    Taking too many supplements or vitamins can be harmful and many studies have shown negative effects from taking too many supplements. It is best to get vitamins from food in your diet. However with today’s diet, doctors generally recommend the following.

    • A standard multivitamin as insurance to provide from lack of nutrition in your diet
    • 1500 miligrams of calcium per day for postmenopausal women
    • 1200 miligrams of calcium per day for premenopausal women and men
    • 800 International Units (IU) of Vitamin D per day
    • 1 gram of fish oil three times per day to protect against heart desease
    • 25 grams of fiber per day from food or supplements to protect again colorectal cancer, obesity, and high cholesterol.

    Calcium is very important for women, study have shown that women has a higher risk of osteoporosis due to lack of calcium especially after giving birth since babies generally will take calcium supply from the mother, even if it mean to drain her own calcium deposit, resulting many women to loose teeth at early age (around fifties) and have less bone density. And as I research calcium can’t be absorb by the body at its maximum when it’s by itself, so to make sure you get the calcium you take do have 800 IU of vitamin D along with it or just drink lots of milk (since in milk Calcium is paired with Vitamin D)

    More information on supplements:


    High heels vs Health : Should women wear heels?

    Posted by editor On June - 16 - 2008

    I have to agree that high heels certainly make women look more attractive, not just because it elongates their legs but high heel also shaped, designed and colored to make an impact on improving one’s look.

    However getting pretty doesn’t come in easy, some might experience consequences of wearing heels such as foot-pain, ankle pain, joint problem, etc. So how far should you go on wearing heels?

    As a woman myself, I enjoy wearing heels. But after graduating from college, I paid more attention to my health, it’s good to do this because we’re all growing older, not younger. So should women wear heels? well, I started to wear heels in this manner:

    1. high heels like 3 inches or above will only be wear for occasions that will allow me to sit for a long period of time (such as movie theaters, dinners, meetings, etc)
    2. I made a rule that I have to wear on my flat shoes/flip-flop for the in between time (meaning if I’m going to a wedding, I’ll drive with my flip-flop and walk with it till I arrive at the venue, and make a quick change)
    3. Don’t wear high heels on a daily basis.

    I don’t know if that way will help but I’m certain everything that’s too much just isn’t good. Here’s a chart I got just to get rough idea about high heels’ effects. Hope it’s good to know.


    here’s other say bout shoes & heels:

    So my crazy week culminated with running around like a chicken-with-its-head-cut-off in all day. In high heels.

    I had a conference to work at, and I wanted to look ‘professional’ but practical would have been wiser. My feet hurt so bad by the end of the day, I was tempted to walk home barefoot. From now on sneakers are professional.

    What amazes me are the outragous high heels some people wear.

    Here’s an article on ‘how to walk‘ in high heels which mentions some of the many foot problems associated with heel wearing. Not mention the possible knee problems related to high heels.

    Sonya Bata apparently claimed that “Shoes hold the key to human identity” . If so, my identity is going to be flat soled.




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    breastsupport2 breastsupport V256886

    Ever woder what’s beneath a woman’s dress? well is it really just skin or something more? Rather a woman’s secret perhaps. Most women will want to display their sexy body curve to the maximum possible, if permitted. It will not only make us women look good but also feel good. Sometimes it is not possible to do so with all kinds of fashionable clothings and wears because we commonly only have regular bras in our closet, which won’t work for special kind of dresses (such as shown in above’s picture with Gwyneth & Celine wearing it). Lucky us to know that some people take that into consideration: making supporting underwear products that are readily avaiable and easily obtainable (e.g. by the www) based on current looks. In a way we have the convinience of supportive undergarment products with ease because people starting to create flexible undergarments not just for regular supporting needs or comfort but also to suit nicely with dresses that are on fashions.



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