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What do you think of private area trimmings for guys?

Posted by editor On June - 18 - 2009

gillette presented this YouTube video on how to keep private area cleaner for guys:

I found it rather informative that they do their commercial with this kind of tips.
and what do other women think about whether guys should shave or not?

Female 1:
hairless is better. it feels better and looks better. my boyfriend use to shave, then he got lazy and quit. at first it hurt me when it started growing back…. like a bush burn.. yuck not fun.
so now im stuck with this fur ball…. or balls, lol.
Female 2:
yes, i love it when they shave cuz it’s cleaner that way and it feels good that way
Female 3:
I think it’s great when guys shave, it makes many things more enjoyable.

So what do you think?



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