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The Villa by Barton G. in Miami Beach, Florida

Posted by editor On March - 24 - 2010

Check out this newly renovated Casa Casuarina which was just re-open in March 2010. Amazing luxury concept vacation in South Beach, Miami Florida. This place was formerly owned by Gianni Versace. Amazing design a must see if you get the chance and fortune.







Alaska Railroad Adventure – GoldStar Dome Car Train

Posted by editor On May - 2 - 2009

11.5 hours ride will be an extremely enjoyable experience in Dome train running from Anchorage all the way to Fairbanks totaling 360 miles.

Alaska Railroad’s GoldStar Service features the newest and most luxurious of all railcars. All the seats in these double-decker dome cars give passengers a full 360-degree view. All seats also face forward, with the option to rotate seats to allow for a party of four to face one another, though most passengers prefer to face forward.

Don’t miss this part of Alaska’s fun try to check out for prices here.

source: alaska.org


Ice Hotel – Hotel de Glace in Canada

Posted by editor On May - 1 - 2009

Winter Vacation in Hotel de Glace will surely be a memorable one. Don’t miss the 10th edition of Hotel de Glace from January 4 to April 4, 2010.

The Hôtel de Glace is a nordic event that brings to life a one-of-a-kind experience combining fun and learning, with a focus on the magic of nature and the great outdoors.

This is the picture of the Hotel’s Lobby

Another shot at the ice hotel’s interior

Interior of the ice bar of Hotel de Glace

everything made from ice here even the furniture and to even satisfy ice fans they have serving on ice glass in their ice bar – check out their website for more detail and more pictures here.

Here’s a sample vacation holiday package price:

Enchanting Discovery Package:
* $324.50 (Canadian dollar)
* Admission to the Hôtel de Glace during your stay
* A welcome cocktail served on the rocks
* Dinner at Auberge Duchesnay
* Access to Hôtel de Glace hot tubs and sauna
* One night’s accommodation in an Hôtel de Glace room
* Private room at Station touristique Duchesnay on the same night as your stay at the Hôtel de Glace
* Full buffet breakfast at Auberge Duchesnay
* Hot morning beverage and an exclusive Hôtel de Glace personalized service package
* Full equipment for the night (arctic sleeping bag, blanket, and pillow)
* All gratuities

source: Hotel de Glace, Canada


Dare to try something different? something out of the ordinary? try to stay in a yurt (Treebones resort’s definition: Yurts are tent-like circular fabric structures with wood lattice frames) You’ll get the close-to-nature experience especially when you find one that sits in such a beautiful place between San Simeon and Big Sur – The Treebones Resort) check out these pictures from the resort:

Yurt from the outside

Inside of a Yurt

Resort’s heated pool

Sky and ocean view in the nearby area

Treebones Resort is one of few resorts that get featured on concierge.com editor’s pick. This is what concierge.com has to say:

The 16 yurts have been constructed with an eye toward sustainability: They’re temporary structures, with wooden floors and canvas walls stretched across lattice frameworks. Each has a comfortable bed gussied up with a patchwork quilt, a couple of chairs, heat, sinks, and electricity. There are no private baths—instead you wander down a path to a sparklingly clean bathhouse—and meals are prepared in a simple lodge building (dinners are generally barbecued, and you make your own waffles at breakfast). The place appeals largely to do-it-yourself travelers who pack their own beach towels, who prefer hiking and kayaking to golf and tennis, and who come for unadulterated contact with the landscape. After all, Los Padres National Forest sits behind the property, and the ocean stretches out in front. The one nod to luxury here is the heated pool and hot tub, a welcome relief after a long day of communing with nature.

view outside the yurt

Another view outside the yurt

This is a cute human-size bird nest like structure (you may spend the afternoon meditate or just enjoy the structure) or for those brave enough you may bring a sleeping bag and book this nest for a night stay =)

another picture of the nest (entrance)

Treebones Resort


Poseidon, Fiji – the word’s first undersea resort hotel

Posted by editor On November - 5 - 2008


So How do you like to sleep under the sea without getting wet? I always admire sea beauty and its creature, too bad I am a sea freak. I wouldn’t last very long in sea water before I shout out “help” with a hysterical tone, cuz to tell you the truth I am terrified of sharks. Well now with the luxurious lifestyle Poseidon Undersea Resort offer the benefit of enjoying the view of natural sea from your bed chamber. It’s like living in an aquarium except it’s the other way around we’re inside the air-filled aquarium and the fishes are outside surrounded by water.

Poseidon Undersea Resort is nestled in the crystal clear cerulean water of Fijian lagoon. It is said to be open in 2009, by begining of 2010 they will start taking regular reservation.

According to the developers, the island comprises approximately 225 acres, stretches a mile long and is surrounded by a 5000-acre lagoon with waters that range to 90 feet in depth. It is situated within a coral atoll that was chosen by the developers for its crystal-clear water and unspoiled tropical marine ecosystem.


So how do you like to spend a night in this suite? that’s 70% of it made up from 4 inch thick acrylic glass so you can get the beautiful sea-view while you sleep. Plus check out these features: king-size beds, sitting rooms and library, and personal office facilities such as WiFi and high-speed Internet access. They will also have flat screen TVs, CD/DVD players and refrigerators stocked with gourmet snacks and premium beverages. The ensuite include large jacuzzi tubs and hydro-spa showers. Now that’s what you’ll call underwater luxury.



Aside from its underwater suites Poseidon Resort also offer stays at over the water bungalows and beach-front villas, so if you’re so much of a water freak then maybe this is another option.

For construction and safety issue please visit poseidon’s website.


Now the cost… of course with such luxury there’s always gonna be a huge bill – well too bad it is a humongus cost to stay (as for my budget) a weeklong visit will cost $15,000 USD per person meaning a couple will be charge at $30K for a week to stay in a shared suite. The resort can accomodate maximum of 144 people (72 rooms/suites total), so if you want to book the whole thing say for a wedding event or coorporate event then it’ll cost 3 million USD for a week. yes that’s 3,000,000 with the six zeros!


This is the view of the lobby. I also read about the possibility of coming up with undersea chapel or some sort like that for a wedding event. The undersea chapel will be a splendid space for a vow renewal, with coral garden backdrop – how romantic.



So what to do there? they offer submarine piloting activity, deep reef excursion, exploring the abyss to the depth of 1000 feet bellow using the triton submersibles, scuba diving, sea-floor walks, water sports, para sailing, ultralight flight, cave exploration, star gazing, cavort (private honeymoon spot), diving and walking tours, lectures and workshop on marine science, and if these not enough they have these amenities:

  • SPA
  • Dining (6 restaurans & 7 bars available)
  • Sport (9-holes golf, tennis, beach volley & bocce, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, parasailing, bike riding, trail walking, birding, yoga, wellness classes and more)
  • Fitness Center
  • Library
  • Shops & Boutiques
  • Conference room, Wedding chapel & Theater

Source1, source2.


The exterior of the hotel

The Semiramis chic hotel was designed by famous industrial designer Karim Rashid. The hotel sit only 10 minutes away from the business center of Athens. It is located at Kefalari square in a quite residential area and close-by shops and galleries. If you are like Dakis Joannou, the hotel owner a true modern art lover then I think a stay at this hotel is a must.

The 52-room hotel is an Athens’ design-inspired hotel, offering a new intimate alternative to modern travelers which focuses on positive energy, heightened experiences, culture, art, and design. Set 340 meters above sea level, the hotel offers an oasis from the humidity of central Athens.



diavaram atenas
Swimming Pool View of the Hotel

The Balcony/Deck view from the pool side



69 800
Hotel Lobby and Entrance




diavaram atenas1


source1, source2.



Located clearly in the middle of the ocean, not anywhere near a continent – TAHITI a famous honeymooners destination. Very secluded and serene island getaway.


Above is the picture of BORA BORA island, quite a famous one among other Tahiti islands, and Four Seasons already on it ready to open its next resort here around Fall 2008 (in September, I believe)
The resort has 100 over-water bungalows and 7 beachfront villas.

Here are pictures of the Four Seasons resorts, Bora Bora, Tahiti:

bob four season02
Panoramic View of the Four Seasons resort.

bob four season04
Bird’s eye view of the resorts’ over the water bungalows.

bob four season05
Resort view taken from over the inland side.

bob four season06
Another closer panoramic look of the resort with amazing mountains background.

bob four season21

So how does the inside look? check it out:
bob four season08

bob four season09

bob four season10

bob four season11

Standard over-the-water bungalow rate per night is around
86,500 XPF (equal to approximately 1,065 USD)/night
to the three bedroom luxury beach front villa that’s priced for
506,657 XPF/night (or 6,245 USD/night)
Standard Room amenities include:
* CD player
* Down pillows
* DVD player
* Hair dryer
* Hypo-allergenic pillows on request
* In-room safe
* Iron and ironing board
* Multi-line telephone(s) with voicemail
* Refrigerated private bar
* Satellite television
* Tea/coffee maker
* Thick terry bathrobes
* Twice-daily housekeeping service
* Wired or wireless Internet access

bob four season22
It’s a breathtaking place, nice view – really want to go there,…
If any of you know a better deal let me know, this direct fourseason resort price listing is wayyy overpriced =P

bob four season23

Source: etahititravel.com, Four seasons Resort.
For more info on Tahiti travel try to check out this site: tahiti-tourisme.com


Remember The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? It is said to be one among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. When I took an art history class in my college years, I used to be amazed at these pictures of Hanging Garden and it’s been my dream to be able see this fable garden render in reality.


500px-Hanging Gardens of Babylon

babylon gardenA


hanging gardensx

Well not too long ago I discover a boutique resort rests in Bali by the name of UBUD HANGING GARDEN. Well since the name has a special attachment to me personally, I decided to hit this place for a pre honeymoon get-away. To my suprised, it is such an amazing spot to be, I have a high recomendation for this boutique hotel.

At that time it is just 6 months after opening, so it’s fairly new and other than the access road to reach this hidden treasure I have no other complain. The access road was still a dirt road at that time, but now it’s a fully paved/asphalt road.

Here’re some of the resort’s pictures:

hanging garden 01
Yes you need that heated pool to enjoy the stary clear night and the view of the green foresty valley with the beautifully crafted Hindu temple accross (note: you can only see the temple clearly if you get the panoramic deluxe pool villa)

pubu 524x250 view01

hanging garden 09
That’s the temple, at night it will be wash with soft yellow glow, it’s very pretty.

hanging garden 10
This is the view of the suite from the outside.

hanging garden 02
pubu 524x250 sui villa1

hanging garden 11
And this is what it looks like from the inside.

hanging garden 12
I really do enjoy their open air bathroom, btw the temperature is about 29 degree celcius all year round, so it wouldn’t be a problem to take an open shower.

hanging garden 03

pubu 524x250 pool03

hanging garden 04
pubu 524x250 pool05
Oh their infinity pool, it is the pool with that right view of the lush tropical forest you’ve always want to see and experience.

hanging garden 05
hanging garden 08 pubu 250 stairs01
And yes, I love to play this funicular, cuz it’s just romantic, especially to ride this during the night to the library room, where everything is lit in a soft candelight ambiance lighting.
hanging garden 06

hanging garden 07

For those curious this is their floor plan for a typical bungalow:

pubu 524x492 deluxe pool villa

The rate for Ubud Hanging Gardens is between $270.00 – $537.00/night.


French Country Side – romantic vacation in France

Posted by editor On July - 14 - 2008


When I think of France I think of romance, but not romance in a country much more of a city. The city of Paris, where the Eiffel Tower rest, and a walk under glittering moon light near the Seine river or perhaps a romantic dinner cruise along this river bank. Then the walk on Champs Elysees or Rue Cler, and a time spen in a Luxembourg Castle and Gardens.

Well enough of that Notre Dame, Arc de Triumphe and all things near Paris, with seeing this pictures -Thanks to geniusbeauty.com for taking and sharing this beautiful French country side pictures with all of us (need to see more pictures? click here) – I come to realize how the beautiful romantic country-side romance should feel. Like spending time walking along the mountain, the field, enjoying views of small town in vast landscape – just magnificent.

Anyone interested in France maybe should check out this useful link on hotelscheap.org, it provide information about hotels and stay as well as places to look at.



The beautiful Bvlgari Hotel in Bali, the paradise Island

Posted by editor On July - 10 - 2008


bulgari02 bulgari03

bulgari04 bulgari05

Bulgari being the famous brand in jewelry market now branching its hotel properties outside Milan, creating one that is very private and beautiful in Bali, Indonesia.

Blending the traditional Balinese style with contemporary Italian design, the Bulgari Resort in Bali is located near the village of Pecatu and the stunning cliff top site of the Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple, on the island’s far southwestern tip. Uniquely positioned at more than 150 meters above the sea shore, the resort offers unrivalled views across the Indian Ocean. Nestled between the cliff and the ocean, a 1.5 kilometer long beach is accessible only through the resort’s inclined elevator.

Designed by architects Antonio Citterio and Partners, the 59-villa resort reflects a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Balinese design while conveying the distinctive Bulgari Italian style.

I think personally it’s a very intimate and perfect romantic setting for a special couple vacation however each night will cost roughly at about $1,500 for each villa.

IMG 0812
view of the villages from top during the day

IMG 0825 IMG 0826
view of the pool during the day

IMG 0827
view of the floating bar area during the day

The private beach accessible by the incline elevator

The view of Il Ristorante Fine dining restaurant in Bvlgari Resort.



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