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When I first saw starwars I remembered asking my friends if that holographic 3D telecommunication is of a current technology that only available for certain important group of people. Well as a matter of fact it was not anywhere available during that time (I am talking about during the time Natalie Portman was the actress for Starwars, since Starwars has some versions)

Well anyhow I thought it’d be cool to have that kind of technology available. Well, now that technology is made available through cisco and musion.

Here’re some snapshots of throwing a ball from a holographic person to the other holographic person, taken from the musion’s website:







here’s a quote about the TelePresence form Cisco and Musion (for live video please see it here):

The ‘Cisco On-Stage TelePresence Experience’ was an ambitious collaboration between Cisco and Musion Systems, which took place during the opening of Cisco’s Globalization Centre East in Bangalore, India.
Musion seamlessly integrated their 3D holographic display technology with Cisco’s TelePresence’s system to create the world’s first real time virtual presentation.

read the full article here (It’s worth it).
related article: “Illusory Characters With Startling Stage Presence” from nytimes.com.


Fun kayaking with the transparent see through canoe

Posted by editor On July - 12 - 2008


If you’re not too afraid of height and water, then you might enjoy this idea of floating above the water in a transparent shell. It’s like sitting your self in a bubble canoe / kayak boat. You have the ability to see the water world under you with perfect clarity.


This hard shell transparent canoe provides 100% visability. It weighs only 40 lbs., and is lighter than most aluminum or wood canoes. Price: $1,475 + $175 Shipping


source link here.



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