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Tea cup breed of Yorkies (Yorkshire Terrier) and Maltese

Posted by editor On August - 19 - 2008

These puppies are so adorable, I found them in puppiesforsalebynet.com while checking around for tea cup sizes pet. I spent hours looking into this site, amazed by most of the pictures of these little adorable creatures. Well too bad they’re only pictures, I kind of question if this tiny tea cup will actually ever exist as an adult size tea cup creatures any how this site called superstarpuppies.com give a good measuring guides and discussions regarding the issue.

IMG 9227

IMG 9212

I think puppiesforsalebynet.com is an amazing place if you’re looking for getting a tiny-size or tea cup sizes doggy (they have other breed not just yorkies) but the bad part is their price which is ranging from couple thousands to around five thousands for each, extremely pricey…
and just incase you are wondering to take a look at different place try to check it here.

IMG 0840

staryorkie.com also provide tea-cup sizes =)
and bellow is the maltese tea cup, they’re adorable too

IMG 8328

IMG 9560

Oh I want to visit their boutique (puppiesforsalebynet.com) too bad they’re all the way in Florida!
wouldn’t it be nice to stroll to their boutique if you can’t own them? And another site that collect the tiny tea cup yorkies >> tinyteacuppuppiesforsale.com



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