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The slider is quite an adrenaline challenge for those wanting to put their courage to the test. It is about seven stories tall totaling 28,25 meter in height and 72 meter in length. It will only take twelve (12) seconds for a person to complete the ride on this stainless steel and transparent polycarbonate tube. This slider sometimes referred as the giant slider being the world’s highest and longest slider which rumored to cost about 13 billion IDR or approximately 1,085,000 USD.

This slider called Atmostfear is nested inside the fX Lifestyle X’nter in the Central Business District, Jakarta, Indonesia.

The mall itself has a really engaging interior as well as architecture (if I am not mistaken it’s designed by DCM – PT Duta Cermat Mandiri and collaboration of ten well known Indonesian Interior Designers) – source. Here are some pictures of the mall’s interior:

Now you think Jakarta is a cool place to visit? Then try not to miss this article: “Jakarta Shopping Extravaganza: meeting the needs of shopaholics” – that’s if you want to find out what Jakarta has more to offer.

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