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You know that you can visit USPS online at www.usps.com and print your own Priority Mail label. It is all good, except the fact that you can only print Priority Mail and Express Mail labels online. The only other way to directly print First Class labels are to use subscription based services such as www.stamps.com and www.endicia.com, in which you must pay monthly fees.

If you have a PayPal account, here’s how you could easily print your own First Class Mail stamp and Media Mail stamp at home. You could access it here.

Note that PayPal does not actually advertise this service, as this service is primarily for the convenience of eBay sellers to print the pre-paid shipping label. But you could access PayPal Shipping to print labels, by going to this link.

For your Information
In terms of price and the delivery time, here are the order (from the cheapest to the most expensive):

1) USPS First Class Mail

2) USPS Priority Mail

3) USPS Express Mail

There is also Media Mail ( www.usps.com/prices/media-mail-prices.htm) which is cheaper than First Class Mail, but it is limited to sending books and media.

Hope this information helps.

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I am an oenophile, and enjoy drinking red wines and of course, always enjoy shopping and tasting new wines.

I won’t say that I have a very sophisticated palate in tasting red wine, but I generally find that award-winning wines that have competed in blind tasting competitions would give me some indicator to the quality of the wine.

I found this trick or hack for you to list the Gold Medal wines in BevMo (bookmark this link) and you will be able to sort the wines:

Visit Bevmo here .

  • Gold medal wines
  • Sort the price from Low to High
  • And… now you can get the wine for the best value (so to speak).

FYI, here in San Francisco Bay Area, I have a few wine stores that I enjoy shopping at:

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have other findings to share with other oenophiles!

Disclosure: I love new world wines (Napa Valley) better than old world wines.


Amazon Prime Refund Charge AMZ PRIME CLUBAmazon was aggressively promoting their Amazon Prime – 2 day-shipping for FREE, and I fell for it last month. I probably clicked on the link without really thinking, like a sheep.

Now when I see my credit card statement, I see a charge “& AMZ* Prime Club – NV” For $79.00 . Well, Amazon didn’t send any email confirmation for the charge or anything.

Well I was quick to do some Google search and found that apparently there are SO MANY PEOPLE that were having the same issues.

How to get the refund of Amazon Prime

1) Call Amazon Customer Service at 1-866-557-2820 —

2) and press “7” and you will get directly to a customer service representative.

3) Say it politely and courteously: “I would like to get a refund of the Amazon Prime charge – could you please help me for it”. That should do the trick.

This is probably much easier than calling your credit card company to file a chargeback complaint or dispute.

And, anyway for the Moms out there:
Amazon is now offering 20% of BRITAX Car seat products until the end of the month. Check it out.

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Wine Country Perfect Escape

Posted by editor On May - 15 - 2008


Napa Valley in California has long been known for its wine among travelers. These days Napa Valley is quite a popular destination especially among newly-weds, honeymooners, couples as well as food lovers, families, and freinds. Not long ago I discover this Kenwood inn & spa in sonoma county through a friend of mine. I tried staying there on the weekend, oh my it’s just so beautiful, like staying in the Tuscan country side. This place is really romantic, I’m just in love with its setting, architectures, more over they have pretty good gourmet breakfast cook to suit your need and excellent service.

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Eyelid Tapes

Posted by editor On May - 15 - 2008

eyelid tapeEver wonder how to get those creases going right on you? Well I found out about eyelid tapes, usually these are use for people with single eyelids (no crease above the lashes) so that they can make a crease, but people with double lids can use this too, to make their eyes appear bigger by putting eyelid tapes above their original creases. In States, eyelid tapes are quite a rare find, however I discovered that some nerve doctors use eyelid tapes for their patients who has weak eyelids (due to somekind of a nerve problem) which require support. To see the transformation of beautifying and enchancing those particular eyes’ looks you desire try to see what eyelid tapes can do right here.


Invisible Pads

Posted by editor On May - 13 - 2008

intimissimi gel pad
Not every woman will enjoy the benefit of using corset for a body enchancement. We all know it works well but for most women it’s a pain stalking thing so I found out that they only wearing it for a party or to a very special occasion. This is because, yes we all know, IT IS SO TIGHT!!! Often we’ll hear things like “can’t breath right, can’t even take in any food.” Why women have to go through this to just be able to look good? No we’re not THAT pitiful as to scrunch into a corset every so often, cuz thesee days there are so many good available options like push-up bras and nu-bra (those with silicon filling and stick to your breasts sometimes it can bring your breasts down instead of lifting it up, although it can create a cleavage, and that’s not the look you want – believe me). It’s just that sometimes these stuff just doesn’t give that perfect exposure you want as what corset did. So if looking for a perfect push-up bra that will suit you perfectly seems impossible than I think intimissimi gel pad might just be the option. I tried it in a bra that doesn’t have that pocket fitting, it works perfectly and look just so fine.



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