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Kastor A Designer Pencil Sharperner

Posted by editor On June - 16 - 2013

Very cute and sleek: beaver pencil sharpener by Rodrigo Torres Kastor for Alessi
Produced in 2013, this chrome plated sharpener available in the market for around US $49.99 or EUR 37.00.

Here’s a little close up, look at that cute mouth hole, ready to chomp down your pencil 😉


Edible Agar Agar Cups

Posted by editor On December - 31 - 2010

Karim Rashid in Objectify stated if we toss away our cell phone every couple of year why not make a cell phone from a card board? In a way he challenges product designers to design for the whole cycle not just until that product complete its production stage but also to consider how to deal with the waste after user has done using the object.

These day we have so much waste and USA is a major exporter of landfill to develop countries. Our garbage landed massively in other part of the world creating pollution and massive damage while our European counterparts deal with their garbage and recycle it in within their country territory and not allowing exporting their landfill outside Europe.

Interestingly enough plastic is quite a toxic waste but we usually use our daily plastic cups in parties and gathering without even thinking what have we caused. A New York based design firm called The Way We See The World recently tried to get $10,000 to prototype and model their biodegradable edible cups product from the fund-raising site.

The cup known as Jelloware basically are made of agar, a gelatinous substance. Don’t worry if you are a vegetarian because the cup is a vegan food. The fun fact about the cup not only you can sip water but you can also eat your cup, don’t worry if you can’t finish it since it’s biodegradable just toss it away! This agar agar cup comes in various shape with different flavors, such as lemon-basil, ginger-mint, or rosemary-beet, to compliment a corresponding drink.


Product Design – Bed Styles

Posted by editor On June - 11 - 2009

So many ideas for bed design out there, enjoy my favorites among the many styles of bed design:

very modular and flexible molecular bed acting just like the title says =)
this bed is designed by Animi Causa.

Designed by Guido Rosati for Saba Italia, the scoop sofa bed. Semi circular shapes combine into one will make the bed for you or your guest and if separated will still keep a trendy sofa form for the living room – nicely designed to serve its function.

The “fantasy coach bed” a creation inspired by fairy grandmother’s magic from Cinderella story. This bed will surely make your little daughter feel like a princess with its $47,000 price tag.

Created by Italian designer Andrea Lucatello. The hanging bed comes in many colors and sizes. This bed certainly give illusion of hanging although it’s not necessarily floating in the air. Cost from $5,864

LOMME (Light Over Matter Mind Evolution) bed is created to achieve rejuvenation sleeping experience through its special shape design based on thorough research and study.



Futuristic Product Design Concepts

Posted by editor On June - 2 - 2009

I found a post titled “100 amazing futuristic design concepts we wish were real” and some of them are pretty cool. These are my favorites from the hundred list:

Cloud Sofa – concept created by designer D.K. Wei.

Futuristic Glass Scanner by Mac Funamizu
This glass will act as a scanner, a digital camera, and an internet-connected wireless device all in one package.

E-Rope modular power strip by Chul Min Kang and Sung Hun Lim
A 2006 Idea Award winning concept. Blue lights on the device glow to indicate power is flowing, and if you rotate the socket section 90 degrees, it turns off the current. What I like about this is the angular design that enable charging many phone adapters in one extension power strips without taking too much space.

Spokeless Wheels Bike by Bradford Waugh.
The concept of spokeless wheels – love it.

Futuristic iPhone Concept by Robert Davis
See-through Apple iPhone concept – I don’t know how to implement this but if it’s happening I think it’s so cool and I wonder if I can use this as a pocket mirror as well =)

would like to see more? enjoy the rest 95 futuristic design concepts from the source.


SelfShelf An Invisible Shelving

Posted by editor On May - 27 - 2009

These invisible shelving will add an eclectic modern touch to your room interior. To make it appear invisible the designer created these shelves to resembles thick book that can be attached to the wall, hence camouflage the effect of floating books on walls. Dimensions for this fake book shelf: 22 cm x 15 cm x 2,5 cm available in yellow, blue, red for approximately £20.00 each from ductchbydesign.com.


What a very nice and sleek invention of product for bathroom furniture. This is a sleek item for an interior designer to have a seamless medicine cabinet that doubles as a functional big across the wall mirror. Too bad the Uplifted Medicine Cabinet from Kohler wouldn’t be available in a “good-deal” kind of price. Kohler mentioned:

Uplift is aimed at the “high end,” and it has the pricing to prove it: The cabinets start at $2,000

Maybe the resemblance of this kind will come in the near future although quality might not be as good as the one designed by Robern, but it will hopefully serve the same purpose.



Spring Terrarium Small Chic Accessory for Home Decor

Posted by editor On May - 9 - 2009

Matteo Cibic, a talented Italian product designer came up with this Domsai mini terrarium for small cactus plants. The production of this design accomplish in the neighborhood of Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Italy.


Sculptural Furniture Pieces for Interior Space

Posted by editor On April - 11 - 2009

Outstanding sculptured furniture pieces created by David Delthony. His pieces will certainly make the one-of-a-kind statement in an interior space.
These pieces are not only a functional object but also three dimensional art with compelling visual properties to serve as enjoyment.




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