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Understanding Pregnancy Weight Gain

Posted by Smurfette On March - 7 - 2009

Image from pregnancyzone.com

Pregnancy is one of the most joyful moments for most women.  A lot of women associate pregnancy with buffet style eating for the whole nine months.  It’s like living on a cruise ship for nine months. 😛 They use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever they like, whenever they like and of course with double portions.  Don’t people always say that when you are pregnant you are eating for two? Hence, the double portions. The fact is that a pregnant woman only needs an extra 300 calories per day.  So, it would be like having a bowl of cereal and a banana. To give you a better idea of how 300 calories look like here are some pictures.

If you think about it, pregnancy is one of the most important time in your life to watch your diet.  You would exercise and eat healthy food before summer just so you’ll look good in a bathing suit, why won’t you do the same when you are pregnant? In fact, you should take care of your body even more, since you have a baby growing inside you. Whatever goes into your body will also goes to the baby.  Do you want your baby to eat junk food? I don’t think so.  You are not only risking your own health when you have unhealthy diet, you are also risking your baby’s health.
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