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Very Tiny Powder Room

Posted by Smurfette On March - 24 - 2009

The size of this tiny powder room is only 5′x3′. This is one of the addition that we did to our house. With this tiny powder room we have 2.5 bathroom in total in our house. Because of the small size of this powder room, I had to look for compact fixtures. Unfortunately, regular American brands that we often find in Home Depot and Lowe’s are all too big for my tiny powder room. Because American like things to be big and super-sized. On the contrary, the European like things to be small and compact, which is perfect for my powder room. The only downside is just, their products are so darn expensive.
After I did my research, I decided to go with Duravit wall hung toilet and sink. I figured since I only have limited space, it is best to keep everything above the floor to prevent the room feeling cramped.
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Design that conserves space

Posted by editor On May - 27 - 2008

compact bathroom style space3

style space2 style space1

We ought to be thankful to live in the U.S. because of those extra spaces we have. We even have a big garage to store all of our junk =P (living the American dreams) Imagine people living in small tight spaces like in Japan or some other places, like big cities in Europe, where big space is a rarity. Actually, I wrote this topic because I just received an e-mail from a girl friend of mine with all pictures above as an attachment. She was inspired to create an additional bathroom that conserve space at her home. Now that it’s done, I thought she did a remarkable job. It’s amazing how we can actually utilize and conserving spaces whether through remodeling or new-built extensions to our living spaces, however we never actually take that into our consideration, cuz I think, we all just get too comfortable with all the big spaces we have =).

Having to deal with small spaces aren’t all that bad after all. Actually with a good design you can work it all into a very lovable space. Try to play with colors, materials, and functions. All together will make it worth doing – because I’ve seen it done at my friend’s place.

Thanks to Yuli for all the pictures and tips.



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