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No Privacy with the free service Zabasearch

Posted by editor On May - 29 - 2008


A friend of mine recently told me about Zabasearch, an online service (completely free) that allows you to look up people’s name.

I was quite shocked when I see the results of my Zabasearch. Anyway, Zabasearch gathers all the public records (real estate transactions, listed phone numbers, etc) and aggregate them so you can search it by name.

Try searching your own name in Zabasearch and I think you will be surprised at the results. Far more surprising that googling your name.

A little reading in their About Us page points that the company was founded by the founders of US Search. If you don’t know US Search, they are an internet company that allows you to pay to research someone’s background (read: stalking).

Proper Applications
I guess this has its place when landlords researching the prospective tenants’ backgrounds, or for meeting someone over online dating. But aside from these cases, the idea sounds spooky. I heard though that the company is making a lot of money (millions) from selling the data online. Another company in this space is Intelius.

Please comment out if you’re also shocked like I am with your Zabasearch!



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