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I didn’t even know that my pet in pet society can even poo. Until I leave my pet unattended and suddenly when I went back to my screen I saw a pile of brown stuff. I was so worried at first cuz when I clicked it went away and turned into a coin but I learnt later that if my pet’s hygine level fall below 40% even when flies aren’t around the pet can still throw away excess stuff =)

Anyhow I saw this rainbow poo  and golden poo in petsocietyanonymous.com, so they really exist:

I am still trying to make my own pet poo gold or rainbow. If you would like to try to make some poo please follow these steps:
1. Make your pet dirty by not washing or soaping it. If your pet’s hygiene level falls bellow 40% or if it has flies around it then you’re more likely to have a poo soon.

2. If you want to make it poo quicker try to keep your pet full and happy.

3. Another way to make it happen quicker drag your pet to an empty room where there’s no toys, dolls or any objects that the pet can play with and where there’s no bath tub (because it can jump and cleanse it self hence your hygiene level won’t go down because your pet will never be dirty this way) and no furniture (because if it is seating or sleeping it won’t poo)

4. I also heard that if you have too many poo (3 poos in chest/room/house) then your pet won’t poo anymore, so try to clean up after yourself – you may press the poo it will disappear and turn into 1 pet society coin or you may click chest first before you click on the poo to drag the poo into a chest and give it to a friend of drag it to recycle bin it will earn you 8 eco points.

5. As far as golden poo or rainbow poo I heard that depends on luck, so keep trying!

above is a picture of regular poo.




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