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Vitamin Intake – The Importance of Calcium for Women.

Posted by editor On March - 9 - 2009

How useful is Multi Vitamins / Supplements ?

Taking too many supplements or vitamins can be harmful and many studies have shown negative effects from taking too many supplements. It is best to get vitamins from food in your diet. However with today’s diet, doctors generally recommend the following.

  • A standard multivitamin as insurance to provide from lack of nutrition in your diet
  • 1500 miligrams of calcium per day for postmenopausal women
  • 1200 miligrams of calcium per day for premenopausal women and men
  • 800 International Units (IU) of Vitamin D per day
  • 1 gram of fish oil three times per day to protect against heart desease
  • 25 grams of fiber per day from food or supplements to protect again colorectal cancer, obesity, and high cholesterol.

Calcium is very important for women, study have shown that women has a higher risk of osteoporosis due to lack of calcium especially after giving birth since babies generally will take calcium supply from the mother, even if it mean to drain her own calcium deposit, resulting many women to loose teeth at early age (around fifties) and have less bone density. And as I research calcium can’t be absorb by the body at its maximum when it’s by itself, so to make sure you get the calcium you take do have 800 IU of vitamin D along with it or just drink lots of milk (since in milk Calcium is paired with Vitamin D)

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