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Nail art – acrylic and fake nails

Posted by editor On March - 26 - 2009

Nail art is a really good fashion statement – although it is a really small part of the body but it’s very cute and outstanding if you color it RIGHT – it is just like wearing other accessories, doing nail coloring especially putting long acrylic and fake nail become another fashion trend.

With popularity of branding such as Louis Vuitton, nail artist has made LV nail acrylic available even the little LV glitter to stamp on.

I really think the best nail art maker is Japanese, where this all nail art fuss started. So I tried to get it done when I went to Japan last time =)

Here’re some more pictures to inspire you to do nail art this spring. Good bye French manicure and welcome hello kitty =)

Japanese nail artist Yoko Matsuda displays Hello Kitty shaped nail arts at the “Beautyworld Japan”, beauty service and products trade show in Toyko 07 May 2007. Matsuda shew off her nail art technique to the visitors for demonstration, hello kitty shaped nail arts for ten fingers are estimated at 18,000 yen (150 USD).   AFP PHOTO / Yoshikazu TSUNO (Photo credit should read YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)


Yesterday I went to walgreens and discover this INCOCO Dry Nail Applique, while looking for lenses solution. I wasn’t planning on doing a complete manicure pedicure for the wedding event that I have to attend that afternoon, simply cuz I just don’t have the time. However, I ended up buying 3 sets of this Incoco thing for a try-out. One set is for toenails, the other two is for fingernails one being french manicure finish and the other is a regular solid one color finish. Well I am positive that I can use it eventually, that’s why I bought 3 sets, because after reading the package I went on thinking how could it be that hard to put a sticker on nails? As soon as I got home I went and tried it on my fingernails starting with the pinky, as directed by the booklet. To my suprise, it is extremely an easy task to do, and I got it done FAST! Oh, I am so happy that I can attend my friend’s wedding party with complete polish for all my nails, it’s like having a professional manicure and pedicure done to you from a salon or spa.

The other good thing about it is these thing stay strong, they do not easily peel off. I am not a comfort lady who doesn’t need to do any housework, so when washing dishes and doing laundry, gardening, and all the other things have to come my way, I find it interesting that these activities don’t really peel those nail polishes off my nails, so I can say I am extremelly happy and satisfied for the moment, maybe till another better inovation come along.

To share my happy moment I’ve tried to put all these pictures here, they’re all from Incoco Dry Applique how to video (above), hopefully it’s useful to those who’s curious to try.

incoco21 incoco05

incoco06 incoco08

Be sure to clean nails when you do have the time: wash, buff, push the cuticle and trim it.

incoco14 incoco09 incoco16

Then open up the nail package, select the one that best fit a particular nail you want to apply.
then seperate it from the stack and …

incoco17 incoc15 incoco20

peel off the clear plastic portion of it gently, I did roughly once and I broke the sticker, so remember GENTLY.
then peel off the nail sticker from its base portion, and apply it to your designated nail.

incoco11 incoco19 incoco03

Don’t be afraid of puttin it wrong, you can always peel it off and re-apply again, these sticker will still stick, so just relax it’s not a one-time-has-to-go-right kind of thing.



Once you get it there just go on filing the excess with the gentle downward motion or just press it against the tip of your nails downward it’ll crack following your nail shape, eventually =)
then just take that excess away and toss it away.


You’re done, and you can still keep those you don’t use in that same bag, it come with a silver or gold sticker that will reseal that bag so the air won’t come in, hence the polish won’t be dry-damage so you can still use it again later.

all picture and video sources are from incoco.
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