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New way to make money in pet society through mystery box

Posted by editor On June - 11 - 2009

I have been testing this for a while and it works… so I wish to share it with all of you…
just to keep it low though otherwise the developer might banned this method again.

first of you should have a friend whom you can trust to trade with otherwise it won’t work
so here’s how it’s gonna work:
buy a mystery box – open it – don’t like it – then press refresh (F5)
by luck sometime this mystery box will remain unopened after you refresh it will be a mystery box still sitting inside the chest. And if you open it again it will give you that same item that you dislike so you have to gift that mystery box to that someone you trusted and that person upon will receive this gift in their doorstep. That person can open it an if dislike the item press refresh again and it will be in front of their doorstep again and can open it again and will render a new item.
so you can trade mystery boxes with trusted friends and it will make sure you get the item you want
some items from GMB may have big resale value such as 999 coins so good luck on that
for item references please refer to: pet society database.


Pet Society Mystery Box Items List

Posted by editor On May - 4 - 2009

How do you find out what items are in pet society’s red mystery box (RMB), blue mystery box (BMB) or gold mystery box (GMB)? Well this website called pet society database (www.kogaweb.net) brought to you by pet society fans. This website enable you to see all kinds of pet society items, they listed it by store categories such as furnitures, clothes, D.I.Y, others, miscellaneous (mystery boxes and eco prizes are under this category). It’s such a useful one for other pet society fans out there especially for collectors and traders. here’s a snap shot of their site:

Remember they list the retail price of each items and note to let you know whether this item available in store or in mystery boxes or in eco prizes here’s some useful tip:
RMB = red mystery box (retail for 50 resale for 16)
BMB = blue mystery box (retail for 200 resale for 66)
GMB = gold mystery box (retail for 500 resale for 166)

SEP = Small Eco Prize (10,000 eco points)
MEP = Medium Eco Prize (20,000 eco points)
LEP = Large Eco Prize (30,000 eco points)
*pet’s poo can earn you 8 eco points so if you don’t bathe your pet you may collect poo and throw it to the recycle bin =)

usually resale items in pet society is 1/3 (one third) from the original retail value of the item
for example “Luscious Lips Lounger” is priced at 20,000 coins the resale value is 6,666 coins
most of the highest mystery box icon’s resale value is at 999 coins because the retail price is 3,000 (you may find such of this item in GMB)

when I see item listings in pet society mystery boxes I tend to lean toward the GMB more…
I know this sounds ridiculous because most ppl say that you can get better resale value and make profit from the RMB, but items listed under RMB highest retail only reach to 200 while the GMB highest retail reach to 3,000 that means in RMB will be 200:3=66 hence 66-50=16 (I can only make 16 coins profit top) while in GMB will be 3000:3=999 hence 999-500=499 (I can make 499 profit if I am lucky enough) aside from this GMB has more appealing items for collectors =)

this is a snap shot of my pet’s 1st room taken using pet society “camera” feature:



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