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Non-stop mud flow – one of the worst natural disaster

Posted by editor On July - 2 - 2008


The Sidoarjo mud flow or Lapindo mud, also informally abbreviated as Lusi, a contraction of Lumpur Sidoarjo (lumpur is the Indonesian word for mud), is an ongoing eruption of gas and mud in the subdistrict of Porong, Sidoarjo in East Java, Indonesia (20 kilometers south of Surabaya). It is considered to be a mud volcano.[1] It appears that the flow will continue indefinitely and so far all efforts to stem the flow have failed.

I’ve read accross tempointeraktif.com on the web and discover about a dissaterous condition known as lapindo mud flow which possibly caused by human errors.

A scientist has rejected the statement that Lapindo mud flows in Sidoarjo, East Java, two years ago, were caused by an earthquake in Yogyakarta and not by drilling.

“It was not a natural disaster but triggered by human error when drilling the Banjar-Panji-1 well,” said Professor. Richard Davies from Durham University, England, as reported by AFP, on Monday (9/6).

The mud flows started on May 29, 2006, and up until now cannot yet be handled.

What suprise me is the fact that this mud volcano or eruption has been going on (it doesn’t stop flowing) two years since last may 2006.
With that being said, it has drown many villages, small towns and factories around that area in East Java, Indonesia.

Unbelivable to know that humans mistake can cause a natural dissaster that won’t stop!


19 September 2006 – Aerial view of the mud gushing out of a Lapindo Brantas Inc. gas exploration well in Sidoarjo, East Java. The situation is slipping beyond control and called on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to hold Lapindo and its shareholders, Bakrie Group, Santos of Australia and Medco Group, fully accountable for one of Indonesia’s worst industrial disasters.

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