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Pro and Cons on Pad vs Tampons

Posted by editor On March - 6 - 2009

I am more of a pad person since growing up at that time there isn’t really any tampons available so out of curiosity I tired to research if pads is any better compare to tampons which is developed in later years. Then I found this pro and cons article about tampons vs. pad written by Isabella Snow.

Pros of Pads:
* Good to use if you have cramps.
* No risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.
* Tons of sizes and styles available.
* No risk of “forgetting” them.
* No pain on insertion or removal.
* No risk of getting stuck.

Cons of Pads:
* Can’t carry them in your pocket.
* Need a trashcan for disposal.
* Can make the bathroom smell.

Pros of tampons:
* Some women think that tampons feel more hygienic than pads.
* Some are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
* Some can be flushed.

Cons of tampons:
* (Small) risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.
* Can make your cramps worse.
* They can be uncomfortable the first few times you use them.
* They can hurt quite badly if you take them out too fast.
* They can overflow and stain your panties.
* You can forget they are in, which can lead to pain or infection.

need more tips? please read Isabella’s article.



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