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Other Interesting Facts about Ladybugs

Posted by editor On May - 21 - 2008

ladybug IMG 3446

When I think of ladybugs, they’re not only cute but very colorful to me especially against the green background be it leave or lawn. I’ve heard that ladybugs attracted to light colors and if you don’t really like ladybugs you can use dry white sage, this is sort of the natural cheap and cheery way for ladybug repellent.

More interesting facts on ladybug:

  • In the past, doctors would mash ladybugs and put them in your mouth to cure a toothache
  • In Switzerland, ladybugs are called “good God’s little fairy.”
  • You can fit 80,000 ladybugs into a gallon jug
  • Male ladybugs are smaller than female ladybugs
  • Ladybugs are the official state insect of Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio and Tennessee
  • They can live for as many as three years
  • A ladybug beats its wings 85 times per second when it flies
  • Their spots fade as they get older
  • The spotted wing covers on ladybugs are made from a material called chitin, the same as our fingernails
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    Organic Pest Control – Live Lady Bugs

    Posted by editor On May - 21 - 2008

    Do you know that those small lady bugs can help you with your garden? Maybe we all should considering to do pests control in an organic way not just because we know exposure to pesticides has been linked to a long list of diseases and health problem for us human (the center of disease control has documented cases of farmworker illnes after exposure to pesticides) but it is also to protect our environment including air, water, soil, plants, animals, etc around us, for our earth and our offsprings =)

    IMG 3447 IMG 3442

    I found this at Lowe’s garden center: “LADIES IN RED” and here’s the writing at the back of the package

    For control of
    Aphids, Spider mites, Thrips, White Fly and other harmful plant pests on your roses, trees, shrubs and flowers in your garden and greenhouse. Adult ladybugs can consume up to 80 aphids or plant pests per day

    Release ladybugs in the evening out of direct sunlight, after the area has been watered. Clip the corner of the mesh bag and sprinkle ladies out onto your plants, or shrubs. For trees you can tack the mesh bag to the trunk and let the ladies crawl up the tree.




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