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I never really like mosaic for tiling material, as an interior designer I try to avoid it for my own personal use especially in heavy duty area, just because I don’t like the practicality of it when it comes to cleaning. However, without having to be concern of cleaning, mosaic itself is my favorite material to express color, desin and art in interior. It can really makes an interior alive, into a piece of art – depending on how you use it, of course. I love mosaic by SICIS especially their new invention: to use mosaic as art paneling in interior or semi-exterior public spaces. This way I don’t have to worry about cleaning because it’s rarely get dirty if it’s display as panel outside the kitchen and bathroom.
Sicis’ new collection called “Hedonism” is dedicated to male and female body’s natural beauty, they are available in murano style weaves (leaving little spaces in between) and come-in supplied with various sized panels. I choose some of these pictures from Sicis’ Hedonism collection to show what an artistic paneling can be achieve by beautiful mosaics.

Source: SICIS



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