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I just switched from AT&T Yahoo! DSL to Comcast and have to spend couple hours trying to figure out how to install D-Link DR-655 Extreme N Wireless Router to work with Comcast Cable Internet.

After a little bit of research on the Internet, I found that a lot of people had the same problems with Comcast. Now, the idea is that you need to clone your PC’s MAC address to your router, so the Comcast router doesn’t hang up when you connect your router to the modem.

Here’s an outline of how you could get your router to work with Comcast:

Part I – Connect your PC to the Cable modem

1) Turn off both your PC and cable modem

2) Turn on your PC and cable modem, and let the connection be established.

3) Ensure that the internet connection is active and running

Part II – Connect your Router to the Cable modem

1) Turn off cable modem and PC

2) Unplug your computer from the cable modem

3) Plug your computer into the router, leaving the router unplugged from the cable modem.

4) Enter the router’s configuration with your web browser, normally the way to access is this:

5) Tell the router to Clone your Mac Address. wait a few seconds.

6) Plug the router into the cable modem.

By now, I hope that it should work. Let me know if it does or doesn’t work.

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