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Airlines checked luggage allowance and baggage policy

Posted by editor On March - 8 - 2009

Different airlines hold different policy concerning luggage allowance however during the past two years I am aware that many airlines industries have decided to tighten the limit for free luggage allowance. This has upset me when I assisted one of my family member last night at the airport – I remembered for international traveling between US and other countries luggage allowance used to be 70 lbs each for maximum 2 luggage, however starting spring 08 most will only allow 50 lbs each. Aside from that part I also tried to make sure that there will be no liquid or what so ever in the carry-on luggage – remember the hassle when this started? (plus moving all liquid content to check-in luggage will add up weight faster)

What even more upsetting is the fact that US domestic flight also tighten its free luggage allowance so travellers sometimes can’t even check in one luggage because there’s no longer gree luggage allowance for domestic travel although some airlines such as southwest and virgin are still quite generous with their free allowance, while most will charge $15 for the first luggage.

here’s the info from the travel insider for Domestic Airline/Flight Policies – Checked Luggage
NOTE :  Fees are EACH WAY fees – double them for a roundtrip ticket.


$15 for first bag

$25 for second bag

3-5 bags @ $100 each
6+ bags @ $200 each

Exceptions for full fare Coach, Business and First class tickets, and for AAdvantage Gold members

50lbs on both domestic and international flights

$50 if 51-70lbs
$100 if 71-100lbs

under 62″

$150 for up to 115″ in addition to overweight and/or extra piece charges


Two free

3rd bag is $25

4-9 extra pieces at $50 each

10+ @ $110 each


$25 if 51-70lbs

$50 for 71-100lbs


$50 for oversize

Max oversize is 80″


$15 for first bag

$25 for second bag

3 – 6 bags @ $125

7+ bags @ $250

two bags free for Mileage Plus Premier Associates, and first and business class passengers.

Overweight and oversize and extra bag fees are all cumulative


70lbs for Global Services, 1K, Premier Executive Mileage Plus members and Star Alliance Gold members on any fare

$125 if 51-99lbs

Overweight and oversize and extra bag fees are all cumulative


$125 for up to 115″

Overweight and oversize and extra bag fees are all cumulative

Virgin America

One free, up to 70lbs

$25 for second bag, up to 50lbs

Up to 8 extra bags $50 each, weighing less than 50lbs each

50lbs (70lbs for first bag)

$50 if 51-70lbs

$100 if 71-100lbs

First bag is $50 for 71-100lbs


$50 for 63-100″

for more complete listing please visit source: the travel insider.

for international luggage allowance and baggage policy please refer to link bellow:
EVA Air baggage allowance
Singapore Air baggage allowance
Lufthansa baggage allowance
Qantas air baggage allowance
Cathay Pacific baggage allowance
JAL airlines baggage allowance



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