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Graphic Design merge with Interior Design – Hotel Room

Posted by editor On May - 19 - 2009

A very sleek example of experimenting with graphics in an interior space. If you are a good artist you might try to decorate empty wall in an interior space with graphics, it really spice things up! The Hotel room above is nicely decorated in white and green monochromatic scheme.


What a very nice and sleek invention of product for bathroom furniture. This is a sleek item for an interior designer to have a seamless medicine cabinet that doubles as a functional big across the wall mirror. Too bad the Uplifted Medicine Cabinet from Kohler wouldn’t be available in a “good-deal” kind of price. Kohler mentioned:

Uplift is aimed at the “high end,” and it has the pricing to prove it: The cabinets start at $2,000

Maybe the resemblance of this kind will come in the near future although quality might not be as good as the one designed by Robern, but it will hopefully serve the same purpose.



Design Inspiration for Nursery and Kids Room

Posted by editor On April - 29 - 2009

I love nursery design project, though I tend to like design for baby girl than for baby boy because there are so many cute objects to match with baby pastel colors. I collect these nursery pictures for my inspiration purposes, enjoy it.

This detail and the above kid’s room in fuchsia color is from the current HGTV 2009 Green Home

source: HGTV


Sculptural Furniture Pieces for Interior Space

Posted by editor On April - 11 - 2009

Outstanding sculptured furniture pieces created by David Delthony. His pieces will certainly make the one-of-a-kind statement in an interior space.
These pieces are not only a functional object but also three dimensional art with compelling visual properties to serve as enjoyment.



White Interior Design Inspiration for Home Office

Posted by editor On April - 6 - 2009

A simple saw horse style white table with white tulip chair certainly can make a good work table for fashion designer, espcially if you decorate it with the right accessories – look at above at those cute round containers for button and sequins storage posted on the wall just above the desk.

Shown above is the idea to combine vibrant colors with white. This can create a clean, chic and modern working space. Colorful and bright color will certainly bring new energy to greet this coming spring and summer season.

Bold color such as red and white will make a very good interior combination: simple and sophisticated home office style. This can be good for big or small spaces, just try to decorate by accenting the space with bold color accessories while keeping everything else pure white.

Same idea here to keep minimal use of color in big shapes and big space but instead use it for small shapes, small drapes as an accent to achieve the look of a bigger and clean space.

Combination of neutral white and beige with intense green and dark wenge wood flooring. It’s always nice to be able to include different combination of colors in a room to create rich finish. However white furniture in general will still keep the room airy and clean looking even when you mix and match dark flooring and bright wall with it. So this is a good idea for experimenting to get that bigger home office look that is still clean and clutter free.


I never really like mosaic for tiling material, as an interior designer I try to avoid it for my own personal use especially in heavy duty area, just because I don’t like the practicality of it when it comes to cleaning. However, without having to be concern of cleaning, mosaic itself is my favorite material to express color, desin and art in interior. It can really makes an interior alive, into a piece of art – depending on how you use it, of course. I love mosaic by SICIS especially their new invention: to use mosaic as art paneling in interior or semi-exterior public spaces. This way I don’t have to worry about cleaning because it’s rarely get dirty if it’s display as panel outside the kitchen and bathroom.
Sicis’ new collection called “Hedonism” is dedicated to male and female body’s natural beauty, they are available in murano style weaves (leaving little spaces in between) and come-in supplied with various sized panels. I choose some of these pictures from Sicis’ Hedonism collection to show what an artistic paneling can be achieve by beautiful mosaics.

Source: SICIS


ms hudson2

Another remarkable design for your loo. Maybe you are one of those people who like to entertain and will certainly need one of this loo for your visitors. They’ll be impress when they meet with Mrs. Hudson in your water closet, Yes indeed its name is Mrs. Hudson, it was designed by 2-B-2 Architecture and said to be inspired by a modified water drop. This design recently grab attention at the Russian bathroom design contest. Being a winner of a contest sponsored by Roca it sure must be good to use not just esthetically but functinally too.

ms hudson

Well it does somewhat look more like giant smoking pipe than an modified water drop so I guess yankodesign.com was right on the spot when mentioning about this.




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