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INCHworm shoes for your kids – all three sizes in one

Posted by editor On April - 3 - 2009

In economy like these I think INCHworm shoes is a cool invention, it allow parents to buy less shoes for their kids because instead of buying three different shoes as their kids’ feet grow, they can buy only one now that will serves all three sizes. How do they do this?

to expand the shoe first press the “iFit button” and…

you’ll see the current size (here shown 11.5)

now try to pull it with both hands…

and voi·là you have just increase the shoe half a size.

Here’s a brief description from inchwormshoes.com and just another tip most of these shoes cost only $40.00 (that’s a good deal for 3 pairs, don’t you think?)

Built right into INCHworm shoes is the iFit technology. The iFit technology allows you to GROW the size of the shoe with a simple push of the button. So eliminate unnecessary trips to the shoe store and provide your children with better fitting shoes that last up to three sizes longer. Inchworm shoes grow in half size increments. Just push the button on the side, and pull the toe of the shoe to adjust into the next size.



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