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Spring Beauty is not just for make-up and fashion but also needed for your garden. I have just purchased this beautiful double flower wisteria tree. Prior to my purchase I did some research and found out that the Japanese breed of wisteria to be more attractive than its counter Chinese breed. Perhaps because the Japanese Black Dragon Wisteria capable of making double flower bloom, beside its fragrant is very appealing and pleasant.

Here are some pictures to share on what wisteria flowers look like, I really think it’s a classic beauty for any garden especially if you have big back yard:

This one is a very huge version – it suprised me too that it can get this big but don’t worry it won’t grow as gigantic as this in your backyard.

Above is an example of wisteria vine and flower draping from a balcony

detail of black dragon wisteria’s flower

Some wisteria blooms 2 or 3 times a year but I believe it’s the regular one, not the double flower one. see here.



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