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Glam home office vs Modern home office

Posted by editor On April - 9 - 2009

what type of a home office or work environment suitable for you? Well if you love to work you’d want to make sure you’ll love the room atmosphere because you’ll be stuck for at least 8 hours a day working in that room. Personally speaking I do think work room with soothing colors and good artifacts that have personal attachment to the person using the room would be very important thing to improve one’s job performance. So try to decorate the work room with things you like and you are passionate about to motivate you in the job you’re doing.

According to most effective classroom designers work room should be design to be pleasant as well as effective as to improve one’s performance. However lighting and space play an important part in it. Room that appear to be too cold and not warm enough might not have a good effect for one’s soul hence performance might not be at an optimum level. Small spaces as well as bad lighting will also come in effect.

In conclusion when designing a work room or home office try to make it homey just like designing other room in the house, after all this is more likely to be your second bedroom =)


White Interior Design Inspiration for Home Office

Posted by editor On April - 6 - 2009

A simple saw horse style white table with white tulip chair certainly can make a good work table for fashion designer, espcially if you decorate it with the right accessories – look at above at those cute round containers for button and sequins storage posted on the wall just above the desk.

Shown above is the idea to combine vibrant colors with white. This can create a clean, chic and modern working space. Colorful and bright color will certainly bring new energy to greet this coming spring and summer season.

Bold color such as red and white will make a very good interior combination: simple and sophisticated home office style. This can be good for big or small spaces, just try to decorate by accenting the space with bold color accessories while keeping everything else pure white.

Same idea here to keep minimal use of color in big shapes and big space but instead use it for small shapes, small drapes as an accent to achieve the look of a bigger and clean space.

Combination of neutral white and beige with intense green and dark wenge wood flooring. It’s always nice to be able to include different combination of colors in a room to create rich finish. However white furniture in general will still keep the room airy and clean looking even when you mix and match dark flooring and bright wall with it. So this is a good idea for experimenting to get that bigger home office look that is still clean and clutter free.



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