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When I look at MirrorMedia.com and Séura, Inc. producing this cool gadget, I think it’s such a sweet invention to share with, especially if you are an interior design fan, or just a design fan like myself!

It’s basically an LCD TV hidden in the mirror, it’s camouflaging really well so that when it’s not on it’s plainly look just like a mirror, but if you press the on button, then it will start displaying that hidden LCD, it can be for a TV or for a media (as in for computer’s screen)

I find it quite useful if you like a clutter free environment. Because to be honest, TV isn’t an easy item to be incorporated in a good clean-type interor design/staging, especially in a living room that encorporate a fire place to be feature as its focal point.



display mirror 04 h TV-in-mirror


MirrorMedia big

phillips landscape32 large1 phillips landscape32 large2

seura lg

There’s even another cool TV it’s called a holographic TV look at the picture bellow and for more info read here.



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