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Bikini line and Bikini line extended waxing style and shapes

Bikini Line waxing is a waxing style that leave most of the pubic hair intact, including the back. This style of waxing is enough to make you feel confidence to wear a bikini on the beach or any other public spaces you may wish to go to.

Brazilian waxing styles and shapes

Brazilian waxing, being the most famous of all other waxing style is consider to be a quite fashionable waxing style. This type of waxing will remove all hair out completely from the bottom and leave a small portion on the frontal top area. If you wish you may “design” it, some brazilian spa menu named this design such as landing strips, bermuda triangle, and more. Brazilian waxing styles evolve to be fashionable with many patterns, shapes and kinds due to its popularity among Hollywood stars such as Paris Hilton, Demi Moore, … who claimed that SEX IS BETTER with less fur. Originally, this waxing style is only common among porn stars.

Fashionable and Popular Brazilian waxing styles and shapes (Hollywood style)

Brazilian waxing artist can really be creative in shaping the way your bottom ought to look. Anyhow this “clean as a whistle” as some SPA named it in their menu has its famous name: Hollywood style. When you ask for Hollywood style you basically ask to take everything off =)
Believe me when it comes to sex it’s really really good at least for the woman, but hey some men that has slept with this “hollywood style” women admit that it feel wayyy better, believe it or not!

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