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When I look at MirrorMedia.com and Séura, Inc. producing this cool gadget, I think it’s such a sweet invention to share with, especially if you are an interior design fan, or just a design fan like myself!

It’s basically an LCD TV hidden in the mirror, it’s camouflaging really well so that when it’s not on it’s plainly look just like a mirror, but if you press the on button, then it will start displaying that hidden LCD, it can be for a TV or for a media (as in for computer’s screen)

I find it quite useful if you like a clutter free environment. Because to be honest, TV isn’t an easy item to be incorporated in a good clean-type interor design/staging, especially in a living room that encorporate a fire place to be feature as its focal point.



display mirror 04 h TV-in-mirror


MirrorMedia big

phillips landscape32 large1 phillips landscape32 large2

seura lg

There’s even another cool TV it’s called a holographic TV look at the picture bellow and for more info read here.


Kindle from Amazon for book lovers and readers out there.

Posted by editor On August - 10 - 2008

I think this is a necessity for those who love to reads and hate clutters =)
The good thing about it is you can hold so many books but won’t let you have the clutter, especially if you only have a little space to spare. To summarize all the feature in brief I guess pin points will be:

1. Paper-like Screen
2. Wireless Access with Whispernet™ (You won’t get that monthly bill, it’s included)
3. Only 10.3 Ounces
4. Shop the Kindle Store Right from Your Device
5. Search – easy to search your library, just use the keyboard feature and search
6. Built-in Dictionary & Wikipedia access
7. Adjustable Text Size

For more detail features see here.
Be in the news with Kindle Newspaper subscriptions – It is delivered automatically and wirelessly to your Kindle, so it’s waiting for you to read first thing in the morning, isn’t that a very FAST delivery?


Kindle is an e-book (Electronic Book) reader created by Amazon.com, its a device which allows you to download books, newspapers, blogs and magazines wirelessly without a PC. And there is nobody better to tell you exactly what Kindle does than the people who made the device.

It holds hundreds of books and more with a San disk. Books are purchased through Amazon and transfer via wireless Wispenet. I can bookmark and keep notes on the Kindle. It comes with Dictionary look up and free access to review and update Wikapedia without connecting to a computer. I can choose to receive the morning newspaper or a magazine, wireless, to the Kindle.
I can even subscribe to my favorite Blog site. ( 99 cents/month)
listen to Jazz music as I read. It plays Mp3 music files.
Its Perfect for me!!
I just wish it wasn’t so ugly
and so
Freaking Expensive

kindle amazon

Find out more of Kindle Features and what it has to offer here (very detail and complete info)!

kindle 7 lgr

There’s a talk about kindle v 2.0, find out more pictures and mock-up models here: http://www.blogkindle.com/2008/02/kindle-v20/

Above illustrates one of the many mock-up of kindle v 2.0 ideas



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