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Stealing The Classic Hermès Look

Posted by editor On June - 28 - 2013

With the price tag of US$10,300 for a 35 Togo Birkin and US$8,500 for a 32 Kelly Togo Retourne surely it is a statement of wealth and status symbol for one wearing it (for complete Hermès price guide see it here and here. The design for the Birkin and Kelly has been a timeless classic, although quite simple and streamlined in its approach many ladies brag about how beautiful and iconic it is. Other designers also try to achieve the look-a-like Hermès because of its popularity. Has it been successful? Yes and No. Most women will demonized those who try to sell a copy cat version while other perfectly happy with it. And those that portray the look-a-like but still has original touch will gain popularity in different target market.

Cellerini is an Italian based company with high quality leather with high quality craftsmanship that makes beautiful leather products. Some of its women’s bags selections offer a similar flare to Hermès bags such as Lindy, Kelly and Birkin. Below is a sample of its Lindy (blue) compared to the original Hermès Lindy (Brown):

The obvious different is Cellerini does not have the enclosing buckle instead just a plain zipper all the way through.
Other companies decided to just embrace the similar approach but not quite a total copy cat version. Here’s one Birkin inspired by Saint Laurent, a France based company:
Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour mini leather tote ($2,550.00, Summer 2013)

And here’s a Kelly inspired by Marc Jacobs, an American based company:
Marc Jacobs 1984 textured-leather shoulder bag ($1,495.00, Summer 2013)

Salvatore Ferragamo Fara Front-Flap Satchel Bag in Cyprus ($1,950.00, Fall 2012):

Bayswater in Leather by Mulberry:

Here’s how the original mini Kelly Pochette look like:

And this is the look of Lady lock python briefcase clutch from Gucci ($2,390.00, Fall 2013):

Gucci’s Lady lock clutch has a slightly bigger size than the mini Kelly, but with mini Kelly’s price tag of $4,675.00 (regular leather, croc leather will be around $18,000.00) one might consider getting Gucci’s Lady lock for almost half the price in exotic python skin (regular leather $1,590.00).

If the look that matter, not aiming for a social symbol, then there are many options available to get that Hermes classic look without the Hermes price tag and its notorious long waiting time. After all Hermes is loosing its exclusivity these days due to so many people wearing it.


Hermes Picotin – A Glorified Grocery Bag?

Posted by Smurfette On March - 12 - 2009

Image from Pursepage.com

Hermes Picotin is one of the “cheaper” Hermes bag.  It is priced a little bit over $1000, for the smallest size (PM). This bag’s design was inspired by a horse feed bag. Hermes Picotin comes in 3 different size PM, MM and GM.  The Picotin is a really simple leather bag, it has no lining, it has no zipper, no pocket whatsoever.  (It is pretty much an overpriced horse feed bag)

Image from Thebagforum.com

Looking at the shape of the Picotin, I think it will be a good grocery bag.  Since everyone is going green right now, BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) is the trend.  However, I don’t think you would want to put eggs and vegetables in $1000 bag, nor would you want to buy something like that for $1000. (FYI, even the Hermes logo is not visible from the outside, it is located on the bottom of the bag. It means only a real bag junkie can tell that you are wearing an Hermes bag)

Image from fabsugar.com

So here I found a “green” grocery bag that looks a lot like The Hermes Picotin. However, it is not made of leather, it is made of nylon. Which I think is smart. Why would anyone want to have a leather grocery bag? Leather is not washable, heavy, and just not practical.

BAGGU Bag from endless.com

The BAGGU bag comes in lots of different colors and is available in packs of 3 ($22) and packs of 6 (normally $38, but on sale for $25 right now)


Hermes – different ways to wear a scarf

Posted by editor On March - 3 - 2009

Bored on how to wear scarf? try to check these guide from Hermes’ scarf book:

scarf can truly create a fashion statement. Try to be smart in choosing color combination when wearing scarves, bellow is examples of how a careful color pick can make a difference in the world of fashion:

source: hermes.com


Hermes – The making of the bag

Posted by editor On February - 21 - 2009

Thought might share this video with all of you. If you are passionate about Hermes bag and how it makes then taking a peek at this video might be a useful info, enjoy the actual making and process of Hermes Bag (include views of Hermes Birkin, Hermes Kelly also their crocodile lines)



How do you get the Classy Hermes look without breaking the Bank?

Posted by editor On February - 20 - 2009

Hermes is famous for its humongous price tag (10,000 and above), as well as for its quality. So how do you get that classy look of hermes without draining your savings? well here’s couple options for Hermes look-a-like but remember they’re not Hermes replica!

This lovely pink is a stamped croco on leather by Samantha Thavasa, sot about $460.00

What makes it look so Hermes-like? Its front padlock and enclosure is definitely a birkin inspired.
You may also look at some italian shops such as Forzieri.com they sell hermes-look-a-like by Fontanelli as well, please see their bags bellow:

Pink one cost $386.00 cream one cost $489.00 (they’re both stamped ostrich and croco on leather, not real one) Another good place to look at is a European online site called pierotucci.com

this Pierotucci bag cost $353.00
for your reference I post the real Hermes bag pics bellow:
Victoria Beckham wearing the green &pink colored hermes, a black croco hermes

picture sources:
Samantha Thavasa USA


Hermes – Craft your own Kelly bag

Posted by editor On May - 13 - 2008

hermes kellyI didn’t know Hermes has a cute side to it. I can finally afford to have my own kelly bag te-hee, although it is not made of a real leather it’s a very cute paper bag. It certainly worth the time to make it, cuz it’s an enjoyment! More about it in purseblog.com.com, thank you vlad for the info. Give it a try for yourself at Hermes US.




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