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Hermes Picotin – A Glorified Grocery Bag?

Posted by Smurfette On March - 12 - 2009

Image from Pursepage.com

Hermes Picotin is one of the “cheaper” Hermes bag.  It is priced a little bit over $1000, for the smallest size (PM). This bag’s design was inspired by a horse feed bag. Hermes Picotin comes in 3 different size PM, MM and GM.  The Picotin is a really simple leather bag, it has no lining, it has no zipper, no pocket whatsoever.  (It is pretty much an overpriced horse feed bag)

Image from Thebagforum.com

Looking at the shape of the Picotin, I think it will be a good grocery bag.  Since everyone is going green right now, BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) is the trend.  However, I don’t think you would want to put eggs and vegetables in $1000 bag, nor would you want to buy something like that for $1000. (FYI, even the Hermes logo is not visible from the outside, it is located on the bottom of the bag. It means only a real bag junkie can tell that you are wearing an Hermes bag)

Image from fabsugar.com

So here I found a “green” grocery bag that looks a lot like The Hermes Picotin. However, it is not made of leather, it is made of nylon. Which I think is smart. Why would anyone want to have a leather grocery bag? Leather is not washable, heavy, and just not practical.

BAGGU Bag from endless.com

The BAGGU bag comes in lots of different colors and is available in packs of 3 ($22) and packs of 6 (normally $38, but on sale for $25 right now)



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