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How do you get the Classy Hermes look without breaking the Bank?

Posted by editor On February - 20 - 2009

Hermes is famous for its humongous price tag (10,000 and above), as well as for its quality. So how do you get that classy look of hermes without draining your savings? well here’s couple options for Hermes look-a-like but remember they’re not Hermes replica!

This lovely pink is a stamped croco on leather by Samantha Thavasa, sot about $460.00

What makes it look so Hermes-like? Its front padlock and enclosure is definitely a birkin inspired.
You may also look at some italian shops such as Forzieri.com they sell hermes-look-a-like by Fontanelli as well, please see their bags bellow:

Pink one cost $386.00 cream one cost $489.00 (they’re both stamped ostrich and croco on leather, not real one) Another good place to look at is a European online site called pierotucci.com

this Pierotucci bag cost $353.00
for your reference I post the real Hermes bag pics bellow:
Victoria Beckham wearing the green &pink colored hermes, a black croco hermes

picture sources:
Samantha Thavasa USA



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