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I was watching part of report for Girls Next Door on E! for the first time few days ago. So I just happen to found out the whole thing about Playboy’s founder Hugh Hefner and his three girls living with him in his gorgeous mansion – what a twisted lifestyle I thought… and by end of July 2008 this new Ukranian model named Dasha heard moved into the mansion. Now how will those other three thinks? Life must be sooo overly complicated in the mansion – that’s why that MTV girls next door gain popularity. This 30 minutes show I watched is just about to reveal who will be the winner for the 50 years anniversary Playboy’s new year issue (if I am not mistaken). The winner will be getting a special blue diamond bunny necklace and will be feature in the New Year Issue (January 2009). I suppose this might be  a big dream for any playbol models. The winner was Dasha, bellow is the photo shot that was submitted for the competition:

Actually to me everybody actually look gorgeous, not just her… so sometimes I do wonder what was the decision based on. More over final decision comes from the 82 years old Playboy Founder: Hugh Hefner so must be quite something.

Putting everything aside, Hugh already living with three gorgeous ladies and I have no idea how he deals with all these girls plus their issues – must be quite a mind blowing game as Celebitchy.com mentioned:

It’s got to be hard to keep three women happy. Even as an octogenarian Hef isn’t satisfied with three young gorgeous women. Like a marriage, the familiar gets boring after a while – even if you have three choices.

Now he’s adding the fourth one – a Ukranian beauty into the mansion. I am sure lots of interesting issues will come in between these women.

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