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This Flickr Related Tag Browser has the best user interface in term of image search, too bad it only limits the search to all Flickr images’ tags otherwiser it’d have been the perfect browser image search.

All you need to do is type any word i.e. “design” and it will search all Flickr tags and display images associated with those tags. I like how it displays the result:

Enlargement is easily accessible:
You may navigate more pictures by clicking more underneath thumbnail pictures to show more thumbnail pictures and you can click each thumbnail to get a closer preview of the image you select, even better it provide you with a link to the original flickr photo page by clicking the link at the bottom of the image you are currently viewing.

I think this is way better than the old fashioned google image search so start your picture search the fashionable way, hope this help makes you find things easier in a more comfortable way:




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