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Improv Everywhere: Human Mirror Mission

Posted by editor On August - 30 - 2008

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Don’t get bored – check out Improv Everywhere’s scenes of chaos and joy especially this one: Human Mirror Mission.

Entertain your-self with their experiement, watch this video:

The idea for Improv Everywhere here is to create human mirror effect by filling up a subway train with identical twins. here’s a little description of their mission taken from improveverywhere.com:

We would get on the 6 train at the start of the line at Brooklyn Bridge and the twins would sit on either side of the car, directly across from their sibling. Once in place, their job would be to mirror each other as closely as possible. If one scratches his head, so should the other. If anyone asked them what was going on, they should claim not to notice anything unusual and not to even be able to see their sibling.

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I think it is just so cool, what a thoughtful thing to do and experiement with.

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There are some people in the train/subway that are noticing they’re standing among rows of identical twins. How amazing would that be to get that very first-hand experience surrounded by more than 15 couples (30 identical twins)?

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some of the people reactions are just hillarious, cuz the twins acted their parts too, within the role and props that they’re given. find out more pictures, more fun comments from: Improv Everywhere – the source that causes scenes of chaos and joy to happen in public places more specifically in New York I guess, since it’s where the group is based at.

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Thanks to improveverywhere.com


Sending online greetings the new way =)

Posted by editor On August - 2 - 2008

flower greeting

Have you get bored of sending online greeting cards? well if you’re bored already try this new way of sending greetings to meaningful people around you. With Flowers2mail.com you can send greetings with flowers instead of just a greeting card. It’s even worth doing for the fun of it, so make your experience of sending greetings an easier and more attractive one!

This is quite fun to do especially for kids, you just drag and drop! You can pick a vase shape and color, also the kind of flowers you want, the kind of leaves you want, and the greeting tag, just type it in and you’re done.

So grab your kids and teach them to compose a virtual flower vase with greetings for their grandparents, or even for your spouse on his/her birthday perhaps you can remind them to send something nice for their parents.

The great thing about this site is it’s built for fun only, so it has no commercial goals – how wonderful!


Fun kayaking with the transparent see through canoe

Posted by editor On July - 12 - 2008


If you’re not too afraid of height and water, then you might enjoy this idea of floating above the water in a transparent shell. It’s like sitting your self in a bubble canoe / kayak boat. You have the ability to see the water world under you with perfect clarity.


This hard shell transparent canoe provides 100% visability. It weighs only 40 lbs., and is lighter than most aluminum or wood canoes. Price: $1,475 + $175 Shipping


source link here.


The Gummy Bear Chandelier

Posted by editor On July - 12 - 2008

gummy-bear-chandeli 679319n

Can you believe it? every piece of the chandelier made from gummy bears!

thanks to yopp for discovering this cool pic.



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