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Sending online greetings the new way =)

Posted by editor On August - 2 - 2008

flower greeting

Have you get bored of sending online greeting cards? well if you’re bored already try this new way of sending greetings to meaningful people around you. With Flowers2mail.com you can send greetings with flowers instead of just a greeting card. It’s even worth doing for the fun of it, so make your experience of sending greetings an easier and more attractive one!

This is quite fun to do especially for kids, you just drag and drop! You can pick a vase shape and color, also the kind of flowers you want, the kind of leaves you want, and the greeting tag, just type it in and you’re done.

So grab your kids and teach them to compose a virtual flower vase with greetings for their grandparents, or even for your spouse on his/her birthday perhaps you can remind them to send something nice for their parents.

The great thing about this site is it’s built for fun only, so it has no commercial goals – how wonderful!


How to calm an “angry” wife?

Posted by editor On May - 22 - 2008

Calm angry wife

Women in general tend to be more emotional and reactive than men. Especially in a household, husband and wife can get entangled over issues of little or non-critical importance. Not only this is detrimental to the marriage and unnecessary stress, it can also leave you bitter with one another.

So the question is: “How could you calm an ‘angry’ wife?”

Apparently this is quite a common issue in husband and wife relationship, and here are some tips and suggestions to calm an “angry” wife:

Here goes the list:

  • wash the dishes
  • flowers
  • be kind and sweet to her. Apologize for any wrong doings.
  • just agree with her, even if you don’t, be calm yourself. Two angry people only is going to end up in a big mess. Once the situation is calmed down then approach her carefully and let her know how you really felt. Good Luck to you and God Bless
  • If she said ” leave me alone” LEAVE HER ALONE. Do not force her to talk by asking the same questions over and over. She may just answer. And you won’t like the answer. Give her space and let her be angry. It is ok and healthy to be mad. She will calm down when she is done being angry. ( It has taken me a couple of days to get over being mad at my husband) be patient.
  • When a woman is angry: run. Run like the wind. I am not kidding.
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