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My friend recently shared her findings of CocoRose London with me. We both likes to wear our high heels for special events, but of course that little bit part of walking bother us – even just a short walk from the car to our friends’ house BBQ party. I can’t imagine how it would be for women that has to take tubes / subway must be a real pain walking for an event in those killer heels. This foldable flats by CocoRose is very friendly at least it doesn’t appear embarrassing at all because it looks good and secondly it is easy to carry just need to fold them into their fancy small bag (the bag come along with a purchase of every pair of CocoRose).

I am now waiting for the non-bow version of these fancy flaps to come out again. Personally, I am not into the bow stuff – to me it resembles my ballerina practice soles not a fancy flaps. I love the purple silver they pictured on their website header too bad it’s not in stock at the moment. Another good thing about CocoRose is their price point – so much more affordable than Sue London =P




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