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Spending Memorial Day long weekend at Mendocino Coast

Posted by editor On May - 23 - 2008

Mendocino Coast, one of the few romantic areas in Northern California is just conviniently located in four hours drive from San Francisco. It’s a perfect long weekend getaway for Bay Area dwellers just to find another nature comfort and relaxation. But it will be especially suitable for those trying to find romantic vacation here.

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Mendocino have lots to offer from vast sigtseeing areas to various activities. Sightseeing includes

Mendocino Village – see and experience the beauty of historic buildings lining the cliffs and many New England style Victorians bed and breakfasts and restaurants.

Fort Bragg – The harbor town offer many activities from whale watching chatter boats to daily fishermen activities. (note: whale watching season is generally from December – March annualy)

Little River – here you can stroll along the sandy beach and do golfing, lots of good restaurants and lodgings

Village of Elk – Spectacular views and all that thing that is picturesque

the one place I find comforting is the J.D. house for B&B inn.




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