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Taylor Swift in Christian Siriano

Posted by editor On October - 12 - 2012

I simply love Swift’s look for her fragrance ad. She is stunningly gorgeous in the Christian Siriano‘s gown made for the Spring Summer 2011 collection. Love the whole dreamy and fairy tale concept behind it.

Her make-up is also a steal =)

It’s even more stunning to see the gown in motion, here’s her ad video from youtube:


YouTube: 1930’s Futuristic Fashion Predictions

Posted by editor On May - 29 - 2009

Quite interesting, this is how people in 1930’s think we’re gonna dress in year 2000.


Liberty of London Bags

Posted by editor On March - 25 - 2009

I think Liberty of London has produced bags that create a good merge between fabric design and a functional bag. I love the subtle detail such as the classic Liberty of London pattern that is adopted into bag’s design. Too bad I can’t really get easy access to obtain one of this bag.

here’s a photo of the liberty of london’s showroom in Sloane st, London. I love the door’s logo!


Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2008 – 2009

Posted by editor On March - 23 - 2009

I am a big fan of Victoria’s Secret and am so thankful that some people posting the VS fashion show video in youtube. If you want to watch the whole part you may go to youtube – they have part 1 – part 6, here I only pick two video links (part 1 and part 6) to share with all Victoria’s Secret fan out there, enjoy:

source: CBS via Youtube.


Ras Flat Colorful Shoes

Posted by Smurfette On February - 23 - 2009

Spring is coming and as the flowers are starting to bloom it means it’s time to play with colors.  I found these super adorable flats that come in bright and fun colors.  I just love the way the bow falls on the side of the shoes. It makes the shoes so feminine.

These shoes are on sale right now on endless.com

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Get The Look For Less – Louis Vuitton Speedy

Posted by Smurfette On February - 17 - 2009

Picture taken from LV official site
(Picture taken from LV official site)
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Epi Leather Retails for $1,050.00

When I look at the Speedy 30 Epi, I always think of it as a classic handbag. I love classic handbags for many reasons. First of all, they will never go out of style. Second, we can wear it with anything, especially when they are in neutral colors. For those reasons alone, I think it is wise to make the investment. However, not everyone is willing to spend a thousand dollars just for a handbag, especially in today’s economy. Don’t worry ladies, you can still be stylish without breaking the bank. Here I found a bag that has a very similar silhouette and size for a lot less. It’s Elliot Lucca Runway Satchel (I’m saying a lot less because the LV bags are never on sale, on the other hand EL bags are very often on sale, I got mine for a little bit over a hundred dollars from off 5th)

Picture taken from amazon.com
(Picture taken from amazon)
Elliott Lucca Runway Satchel Retails for $398

The way I wear this bag is without the EL charm, since I don’t like any logo on my bags and also that way it looks more like the LV speedy 🙂


Victoria’s Secret’s BRA that does it all

Posted by editor On June - 7 - 2008


V274805 RCE26bra100styles

“100 way strapless convertible bra”

How do you like to have a VERY FLEXIBLE bra that can camouflage well under any type of clothings you are wearing? Victoria’s secret already come up with “The bra that does it all” that has 100 ways of straps-wear possibilities. It can certainly come in handy for one to own, just because it can give us freedom of fashion wear due to flexible underwear support.

source: victoria’s secret


spring02vogue newdayhascome 100054259

breastsupport2 breastsupport V256886

Ever woder what’s beneath a woman’s dress? well is it really just skin or something more? Rather a woman’s secret perhaps. Most women will want to display their sexy body curve to the maximum possible, if permitted. It will not only make us women look good but also feel good. Sometimes it is not possible to do so with all kinds of fashionable clothings and wears because we commonly only have regular bras in our closet, which won’t work for special kind of dresses (such as shown in above’s picture with Gwyneth & Celine wearing it). Lucky us to know that some people take that into consideration: making supporting underwear products that are readily avaiable and easily obtainable (e.g. by the www) based on current looks. In a way we have the convinience of supportive undergarment products with ease because people starting to create flexible undergarments not just for regular supporting needs or comfort but also to suit nicely with dresses that are on fashions.


Fashion your hair – Evita Peroni

Posted by editor On May - 25 - 2008

Fashion is not only for clothes, bags and shoes, it even crawl up to your hair. Females need to accessorize their hair to appear neat,… most of the time. Evita peroni has long been the jewel for hair accessories. I first discover about it while strolling around in Copenhagen, now I’m so glad they’re readily available here is the US especially through web based stores like hairboutique.com, how convenient to have items deliver right to your door step.

evita double hair comb

evita band evita french comb evita band

And the good news get even better with EVITA PERONI joining YouTube in January 2008, so now we can all learn hair trick online =D I did have the embeded clip above for all of you to preview. I don’t know if anyone else is as happy as I am, cuz I just love to play with my hair-do so I guess I’m so exited to have all these at my own convenient (all within reach – just need a computer and an internet connection)



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