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Got “faked” on ebay, Get Your Money Back

Posted by Smurfette On February - 18 - 2009

I love to shop on ebay. When I told people that I shop on ebay, I often got negative reactions. Most of the negative reactions were because they got “faked” on ebay. I strongly suggest that before you buy anything “branded” on ebay, you should do your homework and just google “how to spot a fake (whatever you’re looking for)”. It is easier to avoid bad transaction than trying to get out of it.

Until recently, I haven’t got “faked” on ebay, as I always purchase my stuff carefully. However, last week, I purchased a MAC brush (cosmetic brush) from ebay, and got “faked”. It’s sad that people made a “fake” out of a $20 item. Anyway, here are the steps that you should do in case you got “faked”:

• Contact the seller (Via ebay messaging or paypal resolution center)
You should contact the seller via those methods only so that ebay or paypal will have the record of your communication with the seller.
• Open a dispute in the PayPal resolution center
• Negotiate to resolve dispute
• Close the dispute or escalate to a claim
• Paypal will investigate and resolve the claim

This can be done only if you pay with paypal, I strongly recommend paying with paypal whenever you shop on ebay. It is the safer way to pay. You can find the detail about the dispute resolution on paypal.com. You need to sign in to be able to find the info. Don’t forget to report the fake item to ebay, to prevent fraud on other buyers. Oh and one more thing, I received a full refund for my FAKE mac brush and the seller did not even want the fake brush back.

Happy Shopping!



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