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Facial – the tool of the trade

Posted by editor On May - 19 - 2008

skincaretooldouble loop extractor

I kinda go overboard with cleanliness issue, so when it come to having a facial I just gotta do it myself. Well it’s true, I used to go to facial and couldn’t figure out what the beautician used to extract those blackheads, whiteheads, or zits till later I found out they are using this double loop extractor tool and sometimes needle (ouchh). So from then on I did my research and gotta have my own facial tool (skin care too), aside from all those masking & face care items, now I add doing this regular extraction to my face care and I just lovin my skin =) since.

Tip I’d share: I don’t go to facial spa anymore cuz everytime I visit, I’d have pimples on my face couple days after having a treatment. So it’s not just about the cleanliness, but the after-effect isn’t so good for me either.


Natural Pimple Ointment

Posted by editor On May - 10 - 2008

tea baggreen teaNo one really know exactly on how to really get those pimples off the skin on faces. I’ve run to so many pimple medications and face care products, some are quite abrasive on skin and some mild with no effect at all. Till one day someone told me to use a tea bag on pimple, preferably the one from green tea. It doesn’t take a day to remove it though, but it works, at least for me. It’s the natural way to get rid of the pimple, so it’s more on the low-risk side than those chemical-made products. And if it doesn’t help just yet, try to take some zinc (from your vitamin tablets or food) I heard zinc can help get rid of pimple faster. Hope this’ll help.



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