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Natural Egg Decoration for Easter

Posted by editor On April - 15 - 2009

This is just an awesome idea to decorate egg this Easter season from natural properties such as branches, leaves, flower petals, and natural dyes turmeric for yellow, red cabbage for blue and beets for pink. And the other idea is to use natural element and wrap it with stocking – how creative!



The Art of Towel Folding From Carnival Cruise Ships

Posted by editor On March - 20 - 2009

A dog in resting position

An elephant                                 Mother and Baby Seals

I just got back from the Mexico weekender cruise by Carnival. I remembered I had so much fun while I join the origami towel session (lesson to make stuff animal from folding towels – above pictures are my own creation). Yes the Cruise Ships stewards actually do this as a customary to greet their guests, so each night their guest came back to their cabin they had folded towels into neat animals. Won’t it be fun to treat guests coming to your place with these stuff animal towels? especially for if you’re thinking of making event this Easter season – it surely can be a good part of Easter’s gathering activity.

Watch how to do it here:

here are couple more stuff animals made by others:

source: hubpages.com


Easter decoration ideas: bunny candles,

Posted by editor On March - 18 - 2009

Celebrate this Easter season with a little style. You may start by putting this cute bunny Easter candles as a center piece or on top of welcome cupcakes, such as featured above (it’s from wrapables.com). Decorating the table with these cute vintage chick salt and pepper shakers as table ornaments may also be a good idea.

Another one not to be left out is a very sweet carrot guest place holders can really get the Easter spirit going.

I also took some photographs from my April ’09 Better Homes and Gardens magazine, hope this small scans can bring inspirational ideas for you:

keeping the interior with sunny bright color palettes is a great idea for this spring.

Try to accentuate the home with accent pieces from organic material such as planting plants and flowers inside hatched eggs.

Eggs as decorations. Shown above painted eggs with carnations as center piece and eggs glued with decorating paper and ribbon as decorations and door-prize.

Better Homes and Gardens magazine April 2009



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