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iPhone 3.0 software

Posted by editor On March - 20 - 2009

As a part of app developer for iPhone this is a good news – we can now do even more with 1,000 new API. This is quite an amazing update really, in brief:

* PUSH capability – yay, at last!

* MMS (send and receive photos in messages)
* Cut, copy and paste (nice – can attach more than one photo in mail)
* Peer-to-peer connectivity over Bluetooth

* Turn by Turn directions
* Enable subscription fee-based for paid apps – in-app purchases

* Build custom app that connect directly to external hardware accessories (i.e. blood pressure monitor)
* Landscape mode keyboard
* Search capability in mail
* New calendar support
* Voice recognition to help user dial by voice or type note by voice.

interesting find for app store facts from tastyblogsnack:
* 25,000 apps in the App Store.
* 98% apps were approved in 7 days or less. There have been more than
* Over 800 million downloads of all apps total in just 8 months

Now Beta is available for developer but others will have to wait till summer.
here’s the video summary:

iPhone developer Connection



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