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Coffee Art Design

Posted by editor On June - 29 - 2013

Food and drink can be so much fun with a totally new ingredient: CREATIVITY!
I’d love to share these pictures for inspiration.

kazuki yamamoto’s creation:

Kazuki Yamamoto is a Japanese native latte artist famous for his 3D foam creation. The currently 26 year old artist now working as a barista in Cafe10g in Osaka, but he dreams of opening his own cafe in Tokyo one day. for more pictures follow him on his twitter and see his uploaded pictures here.

A great art depicting how hard it is to prepare your coffee.
Couple inspiring coffee cup designs:

Sweet couple: Coffee and Chocolate – they goes well together.

Very cute design, encourage great marketing. Tempted to order more?

Design totally transfer matter from ordinary to extraordinary. Sometimes all it need is a good tweak.
pictures posted on Femtalk’s Pinterest board.


Funky Weird and Fun-to-look-at furnishing objects

Posted by editor On May - 31 - 2009

From top to bottom: Cricket cabinets, Time flies Clock (you may arrange how the butterflies fly on the wall, composed of four detachable pieces), crawl-up corner sofa, floating bottle vases.

Once in a while I’m sure it’s quite a fun thing to do – experimenting with funky furniture pieces in an interior space.



SelfShelf An Invisible Shelving

Posted by editor On May - 27 - 2009

These invisible shelving will add an eclectic modern touch to your room interior. To make it appear invisible the designer created these shelves to resembles thick book that can be attached to the wall, hence camouflage the effect of floating books on walls. Dimensions for this fake book shelf: 22 cm x 15 cm x 2,5 cm available in yellow, blue, red for approximately £20.00 each from ductchbydesign.com.


Graphic Design merge with Interior Design – Hotel Room

Posted by editor On May - 19 - 2009

A very sleek example of experimenting with graphics in an interior space. If you are a good artist you might try to decorate empty wall in an interior space with graphics, it really spice things up! The Hotel room above is nicely decorated in white and green monochromatic scheme.


Design: Stephen Sprouse and Louis Vuitton

Posted by editor On May - 12 - 2009

Stephen Sprouse collaboration with Louis Vuitton this spring 2009 has produced quite an eye candy by its vibrant design with bright neon colors. This neon colors seems to bring that “glow in the dark” effect which is quite edgy and modern. Louis Vuitton has produce a product that merge graphic artist with classic fashion – it does not result in such a bad combination, after all the past Fall 2006 collection of Stephen Sprouse’s 1987 grafiti leopard images for Louis Vuitton handbags, shoes, and scarves sold-out instantly. Following pictures show Sprouse’s design on scarf, jewelry and bag. I love the design on that jewelry padlock.

image source.


Spring Terrarium Small Chic Accessory for Home Decor

Posted by editor On May - 9 - 2009

Matteo Cibic, a talented Italian product designer came up with this Domsai mini terrarium for small cactus plants. The production of this design accomplish in the neighborhood of Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Italy.


A house furnish with shells for celeb’s wedding decoration

Posted by editor On April - 29 - 2009

I believe this picture is taken on one of celebrity’s wedding. I just want to share this thoughtful decoration – to put sea shells all along exterior walls as decoration, sure it will make you feel not too far from beach. This is a good idea to have beach theme wedding without the beach =)


Brocadehome.com made a comeback

Posted by editor On April - 17 - 2009

Brocadehome.com has made a very stunning entry to the furniture market by introducing a romantic European flare furniture line in the mid-price range. This company happen to be a child company of Restoration Hardware, but since its opening in 2008 has been strugle with several negative customer feed-backs perhaps because of its big summer sale event that cause this company to shut down for several months and displaying its website as follow:

too bad it doesn’t do any customer support so people who ordered at that time has been charged and can’t get any support to what’s going on with their order lots of complaints all over the web regarding this company you can find it here and on pissed customer’s site.
Perhaps it’s quite a challenge to establish a new furniture line during the first few years especially in the economy like this – however I am glad that they made a come back and this time they have a store in NY
here’s their address:
brocade home soho
59 greene st (between spring + broome)
open daily
so should there be any further customer issue at least you can be re-assured to be getting the support and customer service you need because you can just call the store =)

I personally intrigue by their product and perhaps will give it a try in the near future. Here’re samples of their product – got it from bh store catalog, very lovely:

brocadehome.com (bh store)


Sculptural Furniture Pieces for Interior Space

Posted by editor On April - 11 - 2009

Outstanding sculptured furniture pieces created by David Delthony. His pieces will certainly make the one-of-a-kind statement in an interior space.
These pieces are not only a functional object but also three dimensional art with compelling visual properties to serve as enjoyment.



Glam home office vs Modern home office

Posted by editor On April - 9 - 2009

what type of a home office or work environment suitable for you? Well if you love to work you’d want to make sure you’ll love the room atmosphere because you’ll be stuck for at least 8 hours a day working in that room. Personally speaking I do think work room with soothing colors and good artifacts that have personal attachment to the person using the room would be very important thing to improve one’s job performance. So try to decorate the work room with things you like and you are passionate about to motivate you in the job you’re doing.

According to most effective classroom designers work room should be design to be pleasant as well as effective as to improve one’s performance. However lighting and space play an important part in it. Room that appear to be too cold and not warm enough might not have a good effect for one’s soul hence performance might not be at an optimum level. Small spaces as well as bad lighting will also come in effect.

In conclusion when designing a work room or home office try to make it homey just like designing other room in the house, after all this is more likely to be your second bedroom =)



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