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White Interior Design Inspiration for Home Office

Posted by editor On April - 6 - 2009

A simple saw horse style white table with white tulip chair certainly can make a good work table for fashion designer, espcially if you decorate it with the right accessories – look at above at those cute round containers for button and sequins storage posted on the wall just above the desk.

Shown above is the idea to combine vibrant colors with white. This can create a clean, chic and modern working space. Colorful and bright color will certainly bring new energy to greet this coming spring and summer season.

Bold color such as red and white will make a very good interior combination: simple and sophisticated home office style. This can be good for big or small spaces, just try to decorate by accenting the space with bold color accessories while keeping everything else pure white.

Same idea here to keep minimal use of color in big shapes and big space but instead use it for small shapes, small drapes as an accent to achieve the look of a bigger and clean space.

Combination of neutral white and beige with intense green and dark wenge wood flooring. It’s always nice to be able to include different combination of colors in a room to create rich finish. However white furniture in general will still keep the room airy and clean looking even when you mix and match dark flooring and bright wall with it. So this is a good idea for experimenting to get that bigger home office look that is still clean and clutter free.


DIFFA events – my favorite dining by design tables.

Posted by editor On March - 29 - 2009

These designers are very inspirational especially when it comes time for entertaining guests. I have seen many dining by design pictures from magazines and media but bellow I choose some dining table designs I love (note since I love cascading bubble chandelier, most of my picks are dining tables decorate with wonderful crystal or glass bubble chandelier):

2008 DIFFA event, table from Preston Lee & Jennifer Dyer. I just love the bubble cascading chandelier idea.

2008 DIFFA event, table also from Preston Lee & Jennifer Dyer. This is an idea to steal – decorate dining table with red roses – I think this is classic and good for all time entertaining be it a Valentine’s a Christmas day or anniversary celebration.

if I am not mistaken this one is from the 2007 DIFFA’s event, table designed by Elaine Griffin. My all time favorite the romantic glass handblown chandelier. This one is customa made from Suzan Etkin.

a very good combination of yellow, black and white – truly a chic one. I believe the above table is from 2007 DIFFA event for more pictures go here.


I tend to stay away from steel cuz it has that sort of new-age, industrial look and cold feeling for home and backyard decor. But actually it’s not that bad, it has that minimalism and sleek design approach and some actually still pretty homey like the steel butterfly, the bird-feeder and especially the floating votives bubble glass clear I’m lovin it =) check out why you should steeling your home.

The question is, why wouldn’t you want to add some metal to your petals and do a little “hardscaping” before the season’s in full swing and you haven’t the time, nor as many choices, to pepper your patio with the pretty and the practical (not always mutually exclusive, as you shall soon see!):

A dining set perfect for tete-a-tetes. A contemporary communal fire pit. Sophisticated seating for your guests. Whimsical garden decorations, including floating votives and bilevel bird feeders, magnificent mobiles and I’ve-died-and-gone-to-Coral-Gables sculpture.

Some of the pieces mentioned are made from stainless steel that just won’t rust. (By the most canny of coincidences, I just discovered how rust-on-stainless is chemically impossible in a display next to the Deco darling of a choo-choo, the California Zephyr, at the Museum of Science and Industry.) Others are designed in regular steel, the most recycled metal EVER. Did you know that every year, North Americans recycle more steel (a lot of its in the 100 million steel cans Americans use every day) than aluminum, plastic, glass and paper combined? And speaking of aluminum, did you know that it is not only durable, but highly sustainable? Yes! Over two-thirds of all the aluminum ever produced is in use today, including the half of all aluminum cans [113,204 a minute—you do the math!] that are recycled. Learn much more at earth911.org

source (thanks Cindy)


Glass Pendant Bubble Candle Holder – Mothology

Posted by editor On May - 7 - 2008

hanging glass globeAnyone looking to add more romance to their garden or home? I found this nice hanging glass pendant bubble in mothology.com It’s a very nice way to hang your candle, because it can give the impression of floating candles in space (so you’ll have a romantic dinner just like that in harry potter’s feast (hogwarts great hall)– some might think it’s scary but I always think it’s romantic and dreamy) or perhaps one of that moment like Sherman in Nutty Professor II: The Klumps in where he uses fireflies to spell out his marriage proposal to Denise, but since you can’t find fireflies that easily at a convenient time perhaps this bubble will do just the right romance for your romantic patio dinner =)

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Ether by Euroface cascading glass bubble chandelier

Posted by editor On April - 7 - 2008

ether chandelier by eurofase

My husband and I were having dinner at ascona pizza in Gale Ranch Plaza, San Ramon. I was too full to go back directly to the car, so I suggested to walk around the Plaza, and we discover this beautiful cascading glass chandelier at the gale ranch dental group family dental. It’s so pretty and whimsical, a perfect item to sit in the house, I thought. I am so up for it that I went to google it up and found out ether by euroface from lumens.com that it priced for $11,000++ gosh why modern design always have to come at a cost SO GOOD? hehe… To my disappointment this item can just be on that “wish-list” we all know about.

No disappointment here, to creative people out there here’s siska’s solution, she did the creative DIY bubble chandelier project, it turned out very nice *see the picture here*

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